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Bubble Football for my Stag Do in Rome


  • Accessible by transport 40min 
  • A 1-hour Bubble Football match
  • Equipment provided 
  • Field hire 
  • Referee
  • Changing rooms & bathrooms
  • Do not consume alcohol before this activity 

Bubble Football in Rome : Information

While the Italians might be known as being fairly good footy players, all skills go out the window when it comes to Bubble Football.

And the same will go for you. It's one of the reasons that make Bubble Football such a hilarious and fun activity. With your torso and arms encased in a giant zorb, you'll be bouncing all over the place. Getting the ball is hard enough, kicking it where you want it to go is almost impossible. But trust us, it won't stop you from trying.

Forget about slide tackles, they won't be a problem in Bubble Football, but tackles/bounces do fly in from every direction. Whether you want them to or not, Bubble Football will see you bouncing all over the place. 

While the same rules of 5-a-Side apply, that's about where the similarities end. With everyone sent flying on impact, Bubble Football is unique and most importantly hilariously competitive and fun.

You're going to need a camera for this fast-paced and hilarious stag party activity because you're going to want to watch this again and again.

Bubble Football has already taken the world by storm, being hilariously fun, slightly competitive and a little crazy, it's no wonder it's a top stag do activity. 

15 people
2 Nights


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