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Italian League Football Tickets for my Rome Stag Do


  • Italian League Football Tickets
  • Tickets for the whole group
  • Details of the match will depend on the weekend of your stag do
  • Timings determined by the week of your departure
  • The price varies depending on the match, therefore the price could increase 
  • Your guide will provide you with tickets at your accommodation when you arrive in Rome

Italian League Football Tickets in Rome : Information

While us Brits are among the best football players in the world, there is no denying the Italians know a thing or two about the sport too...

While we won't stroke their ego too much, we will say catching a live game during your stag do in Rome will be an experience hard to beat. These guys love their footy as much as we do and nothing beats watching a home game, so let Maximise sort you and the lads out with Italian League Football Tickets during the stag weekend in Rome.

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2 Nights


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