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Sheffield Stag Do

Home to bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Pulp, Sheffield's indie vibe has rubbed off on its nightlife scene, making it a great stag do destination.

15 people
2 Nights
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There are excellent pubs, bars and loads of entertainment venues in Sheffield. Better yet, the beers have a Northern price tag on them and we know cheap drinks is just one of the things that makes Sheffield the perfect Stag Do destination.

The activities in Sheffield are awesome, there is a huge range available to you so there is plenty to keep your group entertained. Couple this with a great nightlife scene, where most of the bars and clubs are close together, and you know Sheffield is a top location for a weekend away with the lads.

Get your weekend going in the right direction by staying in our clean, comfortable and affordable 3 Star Hotel. After you've dropped your bags off, and cracked open a cold one with the guys, head out to one of Sheffield's Breweries to taste something the city is well known for... real English Ale. Our Beer Tasting is the perfect activity for you to see what the south has been missing out on all these years!

With a total of 12 beers to taste, we understand things might get a little messy! Time to soak up some of that beautiful beer with a delicious Steak Dinner. A Stag Do favourite, rare or well done, who doesn't love a nice, juicy steak?

For your first night hit the bars in full Stag fashion with a Bar Crawl, it's the best way to mix in with the locals and get a feel for the area. If that isn't enough incentive, how about the Beer Maid Beauties accompany you on your night out? Yes? We thought you'd say that.

On day two of your Stag Do, wake up on the right side of the bed and enjoy some breakfast at your accommodation before going to a local venue for the hilarity that is Bubble Football. A top activity for the lads and, just like last night, if anyone isn't feeling it we can add an extra incentive, Bubble Football with a Sexy Referee anyone? Watch those tackles though, just like the Premier League's Mike Dean she is one card happy referee

After the game, go back into town for a Burger and Beer meal at a popular bar or restaurant before embarking on a trip to the birthplace of the Stag Do, the Strip Club. No need to worry about the queues as we have you covered for a VIP entrance right past the queue and right to the ladies!

There is a huge amount of activities for your Sheffield Stag Do. One of our best, and perhaps most unique activity is our Balls of Steel Zombie Experience. Located in a 100,000 sq ft abandoned factory, you and the boys will hunt or be hunted in this thrilling, full-on, immersive horror experience. We're almost certain the Zombies are people wearing a lot of makeup but, as of yet, we haven't cut one open to check... so no guarantees.

Remember Sports Day? For some it was the glory of their childhood and for others it was a day to be shamed by your peers. Well now its just pure banter. Our Old School Sports Day is a great choice for your Stag Weekend. With 9 classic sports day events, as well as other events such as the Crossbar Challenge, you'll be put to the ultimate, childhood test.

If these don't work for you then no need to panic! Sheffield also offers your traditional, Stag Do favourites such as Karting, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Paintball and many other top-class activities.

Your night is Sheffield is all sorted, there is a large array of Clubs, Bars, Micro Breweries and Pubs to keep you all entertained on your Stag Do.

If your group is looking for something a little out of the ordinary for a Stag Weekend why not pop down to the Dog Track? As well as admission, we'll sort you out with a meal, beer and a £1 bet to get you started. Who knows, you might even win back the money you spent on the Stag Do!

Sheffield has a lot of Casino's so your weekend wouldn't be complete without going to one! There is, of course, a selection of different games available, so there is something for everyone in this terrific venue. Also, for any lads who aren't too savvy with the rules, we can offer a Casino - Learn to Play Package. 

The city of Sheffield has a massive football history. One of the more less known stories is that of Sheffield Football Club, they are the oldest football club in the world, dating back to 1857 and are recognised as such by FIFA. In modern times there are two main clubs, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, and both have top quality stadiums in Brammal Lane and Hillsborough Stadium. Well worth visiting on your Stag Do.

At around £1.50 cheaper per pint than London, Sheffield is a big drinking City and has the most exceptional range of local beers to choose from.

Visit Kelham Island to take a trip back in time and learn all about the history of Sheffield. Kelham Island is one of Sheffield's oldest manufacturing sites, built in the 1100s, this man-made island was the most important part of the cities bustling Steel industry. The area has become well known for a selection of renowned ale pubs so you'll have no problems in finding a thirst-revelling pint in this historically rich part of the city.

A Stag Do doesn't exactly scream out 'shopping trip', but in the Sheffield Antiques Quarter, there is a lot to offer. There is a massive collection of shops selling some amazing, one-of-a-kind items so be sure to take a trip down there if the Stag is a sucker for a bargain!

Outside the capital, Sheffield has perhaps the best theatres. The Lyceum is a spectacular venue and well worth checking out if you're looking for a show or a play on your Stag Do.

15 people
2 Nights


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