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Sofia Stag Do

If you're looking for a stag do in a relatively untapped city that's away from all the tourist traps look no further than Sofia.

15 people
2 Nights
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Not only is the Bulgarian capital absolutely bursting with a lively nightlife, great stag party activities and eye-watering hot babes, but the beer is also ridiculously cheap, which is always a winner in our book!

And, if you and the lads are the sightseeing type and want to get a cultural fix then you will be spoiled for chose in Sofia. The city is bursting at the seams with churches, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques and architectural monuments including the Boyana Church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back to the 10th Century.

Sofia is also home to the impressive Vitosha Mountains so you can tick snowboarding on the Bulgarian mountains off the bucket list too!

If you aren't the sightseeing type and think you'll be drinking far too much to handle yourself in the snow, then the array of great stag party activities, hot babes and cheap booze will just have to do...

Either way, you'll have no problem having a great time with a stag do in Sofia.

Wild, vibrant, easy on the wallet and great all-around, Sofia is exactly what you'd want and expect for an Eastern European capital city...and then some!

But, don't just head there and wait for the good times o start, plan out the most amazing and memorable stag do in Sofia with Maximise.

Firstly, get the stag party celebrations underway from the moment you leave the airport with this Party Bus Airport Transfer with Strip combo. Why get taxis or public transport when you can party as soon as you arrive in Sofia?

Continue to keep things 'classic' by covering your mates in a rainbow of bruises with a round or paintball. It's a stag party favourite and it's never out of place when it comes to a stag do!

If it's not paintballing, race around the track with Karting. It's another classic stag do activity, one that separates the men from the grandma drivers and there is nothing like a bit of healthy competition on a stag do.

When it comes to waking up the next morning after sampling Sofia's wild nightlife, there is only one thing that's going to get the stag out of that bed and it's a Sexy Wake-Up call.

And to help with the hangovers, enjoy a sizzling hot Pool Party.

Beautiful on the outside, but don't let the picturesque buildings and architecture fool you, Sofia is a party monster and will show you and the lads one hell of a time during your stag weekend. 

Better yet, the city is relatively compact and easy to navigate. Making it a haven for bar hopping and our guided bar crawl, which comes with entry to a strip club, as well as entry to one of the city's best nightclubs. Maximise always recommends a guided bar crawl when it comes to a stag do, especially on the first night and especially when you're abroad. Nothing beats local knowledge and our guides will let you in on all the best watering holes in Sofia, as well as tailor the crawl to suit your tastes, preferences and budgets.

More importantly, you'll avoid any tourist traps or overpriced dive bars. There is no time for that when it comes to a stag do!

Fun fact: Sofia has16 universities and a very large student population. Normally that wouldn't be of interest when considering heading to Sofia for a stag do, but these youngsters know how to party, drive the price of booze down and keep the clubs open until the sun rises. So, you can thank the students for Sofia's lively and varying nightlife.

And, when it comes to the varying nightlife, you'll find everything from retro nights, heavy metal, to fancier clubs with top DJ or the infamous chalga discos. More importantly, you can get yourself a pint for about a quid, so we expect some serious boozing.

Another great point to make about Sofia's nightlife, perhaps the one we favour most, is there are very few licensing laws. This means bars and clubs can serve alcohol at any time of night or day and there is always a party to be found in Sofia.

Night's start late and last until the sun is up in Sofia, usually you would start the night off with drinks at a bar and around midnight to 1 am you'll make your way to the clubs.

When it comes to all the bars and clubs, the majority of the action will be found around  Vitosha Boulevard and near Sofia of the 16 universities.

And as for clubs. It all depends on what you are in to.

If it is House, head to Yalta and Chervilo. If you are feeling old-school and prefer the retro vibes, hit up Liqueur or Brilliantine. If you prefer rock you've got places such as Backstage or Alcohol to choose from and if it's electronic music go to LaRocca.

If you are planning on a stag do in Sofia during the summer months, plan ahead and book in advance as the city is often buzzing with tourists on their way to the Black Sea.

And speaking of the summer months, while it might not share the same climate as Spain, summers in Sofia are warm and sunny with average temperatures usually in the mid-20s. In the months of July and August, you can expect average temperatures around the high-20s. 

You'll find direct daily flights for as little as £90 from London to Sofia with Ryanair EasyJet and Wizz Air.

You can also find both direct and connecting flights to Sofia from Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Edinburgh, Doncaster, Belfast, Newcastle and Nottingham with the same budget airlines as well as KLM and BA.

15 people
2 Nights


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