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Southampton Stag Do

If a summer stag do is what you want, look no further than the seaside destination of Southampton.

15 people
2 Nights
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The port city of Southampton is known as the gateway to the world, and now it can be the gateway to a top Stag Do. With Bournemouth just around the corner, this seaside destination has often been overlooked. We're here to put a stop to that!

The coastal location means Southampton is home to a lot of amazing water activities like Powerboating, Jet Vipers and our famous RIB Ride as well as the traditional Stag Do activities you find on land.

Southampton is packed with great pubs and bars so when the sun goes down, so do the prices of a pint. In the wild student bars, depending on the night, you can sometimes get a pint for 50p!

A Stag Do in Southampton won't let you down and neither will Maximise. We can organise a great night out as well as some epic stag party activities, accommodation and more.

On day one of your Stag Do, enjoy the company of the lads, and the company of Topless Waitress with our Burger and Baps lunch. Centrally located, close to your accommodation, your group won't need to travel far as you prepare to try the sweet taste of lust. The burger isn't so bad either...

Now your stomach is full and 95% of your stag party is in love with a Topless Waitress, its time for a ride in the Jet Viper! This 450BHP Beast will outmanoeuvre and outrun almost anything else on the water. One hour is all the time you'll need to be in awe of the power of this spectacular machine.

In the evening, take a short walk to one of our centrally located bars for a Guided Bar Crawl, if that's not enough we'll have our Beer Maid Beauties to join you on your night out. With many bars to attend, free shots in each and between 2 and 4 Beer Maids you're ready for a top night out! As an added bonus, we'll include Free Nightclub entry for your group.

Day two of your Stag Weekend is a great time to enjoy something sporty with the lads. Hop in a cab and take a short ride to our Bubble Football & Combat Archery activity. This is a great combo as it combines the competitive edge of the Archery with the phenomenon of hilarity, Bubble Football.

After a day firing arrows and falling over, we can get you exclusive access to the Strip Club. Centrally located and right near the pubs and clubs, you'll get VIP entry. Let's just hope the dancers give you VIP treatment! 

We have plenty of top activities in Southampton. Being a coastal town opens up so many possibilities when it comes to planning the perfect Stag Do. One of our top activities is the Powerboat Grand Prix, a unique and adrenaline-fuelled activity, you and the lads will have 3 laps to race these powerful monsters. Get those competitive heads on though, as there are prizes for getting on the podium!

Another great activity for you to try is our Beer & Cider Tasting. Try different beers and ciders from all around the country, there is a total of 8 to try and there is an expert beer guide to show you the ropes of tasting. This is a particularly good activity for older groups, or if you have some guys who are less able to drive the powerboats or participate in the more physical activities.

Some more top activities in Southampton are Stag classics like Paintball & Karting, as well as Clay Pigeon Shooting, our terrific Boozy Brunch and many more.

A top-class getaway destination in the day and an equally excellent location at night, Southampton has plenty to offer your Stag Party after dark... With a large student population, there are loads of cheap pubs and clubs for you to get absolutely smashed!

Once again, the coastal city of Southampton has you covered on sea and land. Our Party Cruise is a great activity and we're certain you'll love every second of it, and when you consider its 4 hours of non-stop partying, you have plenty of time. There is disco entertainment and a meal included so you don't need to worry about organising additional dinners or club entry afterwards.

We have many more excellent options for you in. There are traditional Stag Do Bar Crawls as well as VIP Party Booths, Lap Clubs and many more.

For the Stag who loves his footie, no trip to Southampton is complete without taking a trip to the fantastic St Mary's Stadium. This 32,505 seater, currently the largest stadium in South East England, is home to Southampton FC and has been so since its recent construction in 2001.

Alcohol is quite a bit cheaper than London, while a pint in London will set you back at least £4, you can get them for as little as £3 in Southampton (or 50p in certain bars on certain nights). Doesn't sound like too much? Think 20 guys drinking 10 pints each and you'll see our point!

If you want to learn some local history why not head to the SeaCity Museum? This innovative, state-of-the-art museum focuses on Southampton and its connection with the sea and has plenty of excellent exhibits.

And if you want to sample some of Southampton's rich culture, check out the Southampton City Art Gallery. The Gallery is celebrated for many reasons, the quality of its pieces and the fact that it houses works of art over 800 years old. All the way from the Renaissance to the present day.

15 people
2 Nights


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