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Stuttgart Stag Do

Beer, women, football & nightlife, those are 4 reasons we love Germany and Stuttgart embraces all of them.

15 people
2 Nights
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Home to VfB Stuttgart and automobile manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, Stuttgart has plenty to offer you and the lads on a Stag Do. With an incredible history and stunning architecture, this south-west German city is an ideal destination for a Stag Weekend.

As a rule, the Germans are known to be passionate about the most important things in life; beer, women, football and nightlife, which makes Stuttgart bang on for a stag do.

Renowned for its luxury cars, local football team VFB Stuttgart, festivals and tasty local cuisine, Stuttgart is equipped for any Stag Do on any kind of budget. There is a massive choice of activities as well as a vibrant nightlife scene for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the fast-paced nightlife with a wide array of Beer Halls and Clubs. The locals are friendly, very welcoming to Stag groups and they love a cold one just as much as we English do.

Get the Stag Do going in the right direction with our Party Bus Airport Transfers with a Stripper. As soon as you arrive in Stuttgart we will arrange for our driver to pick you up at the airport and take you straight to you accommodation, but not without some partying first!

Once you've dropped your bags off take a short ride to one of Stuttgart's many breweries for a Tour and Tasting. Try 4 local beers and go behind the scenes while an expert beer maker shows you the manufacturing process of this old, traditional industry.

After you've had your fill of brewing knowledge, and a fill of the beers themselves, head over to one of our stag group-friendly restaurants for a delicious Burger & Beer meal. You might think of German food as Bratwurst and Beer with a side of Bratwurst but let us tell you they make a mighty fine burger as well. Not enough for you? We can also add a stripper to your meal! But let's just be clear about one thing, you can only taste the burger.

Finish the first night off with a Stag Do classic, the Bar Crawl & Club Combo. This is a Maximise favourite and highly recommended by us. One of our local, English speaking guides will take you around the best bars in town as well as getting you entry into one of Stuttgart's top nightclubs.

On day two of the Stag Do, wake up on the right side of the bed with our Sexy Wake Up! Your room is looking a little messy from the night before. The stripper comes to your accommodation posing as a maid, then all of a sudden bam! Her clothes come off and your smiles go on.

Once you're up, head on out for some time Karting on your very own, privatised track! Our Exclusive Indoor Karting is a top activity and has been a true Stag Do favourite for many, many years.

Spend the night partying away in the club, only this time you are a VIP with your own Table and Bottles. No one is getting lost in the club tonight! Plus, having a VIP area in a club is a great way of meeting women.

We have some exceptional activities for your Stag Do in Stuttgart. There are your Stag Do favourites like Karting or Paintball, so for a fussy Stag, you really can't go wrong!

As long as you're in Germany there is one absolute must-do activity for your Stag Do. The Premium Shooting Package is something all Stag groups will want to try, and you won't want to stop either. Spray your pain away as you'll have a 9mm Pistol and a choice between a .357 S&W Magnum, 223 Remington or a Mauser K98. A kid in a Candy Store? We totally agree.

Regardless of where you are, who you're with or how long you're there, Bubble Football is a relatively new Stag Do favourite that has been sweeping across Europe like a runaway train. A cheap and cheerful way of having a good laugh, it is the epitome of hilarity and definitely something you should consider on your Stag Do.

We have many more fantastic activities such as; Treetop Adventure, Paintball, 5 a Side Football and many more.

As with many other German cities, Stuttgart is Stag heaven after dark. There is a huge collection of Strip Clubs, Bars and Clubs to keep you entertained up until the early hours of the morning and beyond.

England has given man the Bar Crawl, but Stuttgart has taken it one glorious step further, behold the Strip Club Tour. The idea is simple, why go to one Strip Club when the city has dozens? With access to a few bars and a few clubs after, our English speaking guide will accompany you every step of the way to make sure the plans go off without a hitch.

Take it a step further and Hire a Strip Club out, just for your group, for two whole hours!

If the Strip Club isn't for you, or the Mrs won't allow it (don't feel bad... it happens to the best of us), head over to the Casino instead for a Poker Night. With a private room, private croupier and €20 in betting chips included in the price, this is a top-class activity for your Stag Do.

Like we mentioned at the start, Stuttgart is home to automobile manufacturers Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Both of their headquarters are here, as well as museums displaying hundreds of cars and thousands of exhibits.

Head over to the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the home of VfB Stuttgart, for a Stadium Tour. Go behind the scenes of the phenomenal 55,000 seater stadium and see pretty much every inch of the place! Press seats, press conference rooms and the players' locker rooms are just some of the amazing features of this tour.

Flights from London to Stuttgart are excellent value, some months you can get return flights under £50!

The Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a very popular location for the locals and all kinds of tourists. There are loads of great apes like Chimps, Gorillas and Orangutans.

At around 3-3.50€ for a pint, Stuttgart is one of your more expensive German cities to drink. Although, its still cheaper than pretty much everywhere in the UK. Especially London, where sometimes it can be almost double! 

15 people
2 Nights


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