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Tallinn Stag Do

From cheap flights to the cheap booze and Estonian babes, Tallinn is one capital city made for stag parties.

15 people
2 Nights
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Historic churches, cobblestone streets, palaces, museums and galleries, Tallinn is a capital city packed full or history, culture and sightseeing for your stag do.

Don't worry, there's more than just history and pretty things to feast your eyes on in Tallinn, especially for a stag weekend!

While Tallinn might strike you as a quaint-worldly destination for your stag do, we can tell you first-hand it certainly knows how to party.

Tallinn has been partying since the beginning of the thirteenth century when the Danish Vikings rolled in, who, we assume brought a hell of a lot of beer with them because Tallinn is renowned for its ridiculously cheap beer and epic nightlife.

The best of Tallinn's nightlife is situated in the historic Old Town. For the size of the city, there are a surprisingly high number of bars, pubs, clubs and strip clubs, making it a seriously stag friendly destination with loads to offer.

During the day soak up the sun on Tallinn's beautiful beaches or take to the sea on a Stripper Yacht, Sailing Cruise, or Sea Kayak, the options are endless.

It really is the best of both worlds when it comes to a stag weekend in Tallinn, you've Baltic Sea and coast to enjoy as well as a capital city nightlife to take on. It's medieval cobblestoned Old Town also provides an ideal setting for what will be a weekend of true stag satisfaction and hedonism.

All the usual stag weekend suspects including Karting and Paintball, but this is Tallinn there's far more action than just paint and little go-karts on offer.

The real fun is with the Rally Car Experience, a Demolition Derby or a Military Experience. The Rally Car Experience is an incredible driving activity that’ll see you putting the pedal to the metal on one of the longest circuits in all the Baltic countries. The Demolition Derby is exactly what you think it is. You and the guys will deliberately ram your vehicles into one another in this absolutely crazy activity!

As for the Military Experience, this is a full day of action, adrenaline and adventure, which will see you shoot an AK-47, ride in a tank and take part in a combat scenario with smoke grenades.

And, if it shooting that you and the lads are after, we've got the Ultimate Shooting Package in Tallinn.

Tallinn's Nightlife is pure madness too. The booze is cheap, the women are sizzling hot and the city is buzzing with bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes and 'budgets'. Don't worry, it's unlikely you'll ever break your budget in Tallinn.

if you overindulge on Tallinn's nightlife and aren't feeling your best the next day, there's are 'Steamy' Sauna party to help get you feeling your best. Whether you are recovering from the night before or preparing for the night ahead, there is no better setting than this Finnish sauna. You'll have access to the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, but you'll also be treated to 2 beers each and a lesbian striptease by beautiful Estonians.

Some other firm favourites when it comes to a stag do in Tallinn is getting out on the crystal clear water with a private cruise. But, not just a boring sightseeing cruise, a private yacht cruise that comes with a striptease. Guess you will be seeing some 'sights' after all.

And, if you have a stag that you really want to stitch up, you can't go past the KGB Arrest. While most people know the KGB broke up in 1991 - your stag is going to think its dissidents have been reinstated when they come to arrest him during his stag do in Tallinn. 

A successful and memorable stag do is not complete without some epic stag party activities. And whether it's an adrenaline-fuelled, hilarious, weird or whacky stag do activities you're after, Tallinn has a fantastic range of activities at equally fantastic prices.

If your heading on our stag do in Tallinn during the winter months, there's Snowmobiles, Husky Sledding, Ice Fishing or even Curling to keep you entertained.

And, if it's the classic suspects you're after, there is Karting, Golf, Paintball and Quad Bikes. Or, there's even the insane Motor Paintball. You'll be at the wheel of an old Russian car while you and your team unload as many shots on the opposition as you can. Why walk or run around the battlefield when you can drive!

As we mentioned before there is also the Rally Car Experience, a Demolition Derby or a Military Experience for the adrenaline-junk stag groups. 

While Tallinn is relatively compact in size, there is a ridiculous amount of watering holes offering up plenty of cheap booze for you and the lads to enjoy. BUT, don't just end up in any bar or waste time trying to figure out where to go, experience Tallinn's nightlife in the best way with a Guided Bar Crawl & Club Combo.

No one knows the city or nightlife better than a local so discover the best bars and coolest clubs with this Guided Bar Crawl & Club Combo. Your English speaking guide will adapt the crawl to suit you and your budgets and she'll be at your disposal for three hours.

Generally, you'll head to Tallinn's Old Town, it's where you'll find the majority of the best bars, clubs, strips clubs and overall stag worthy nightlife.

Depending on your tastes you might want to head somewhere else. But, for the classic nightclubs pumping out dancefloor anthems you'll want to head to the likes of Privé, Pank, Club Hollywood and Studio. All can be found in the old town.

Teater and Venus, which are on the outskirts of the Old Town offer similar pumping tunes and are another two club favourites.

More women than men live in Tallinn.

Need more convincing that Tallinn is a great stag weekend destination...

More supermodels are from Estonia than anywhere else in the world. While you lot might not have any chances with them, it's still a solid reason to visit Estonia, especially Tallinn for a stag do.

Tallinn's medieval Old Town is not just where you'll find some top watering holes, it's also incredible to walk through and check out during the day. Of course, when you are not already occupied with all the legendary stag party activities on offer.

Given Tallinn has more than 800 years of history, it's no surprise it is full to the brim with interesting sights, attractions, monuments and museums. And, while we are a fan of the Kiek in de Kök Fortification Museum, the Bastion passages, St Olaf's Church and everything else, we are far more a fan of the cheap beer...

You can feast like a king when it comes to a stag do in Tallinn, a top-notch meal won't set you back more than £15 and a pint is less than £2. So, be sure to drink and eat your weight in Tallinn's finest during your stag weekend.

A wide variety of restaurants and eateries offer food from traditional Estonian grub to Russian and even Medieval dishes to those greasy favourites such as pizzas and kebabs. 

15 people
2 Nights


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