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Motor Paintball for my Tallinn Stag Do


  • All Equipment
  • Return activity transfers
  • 200 paintballs each
  • Motorised vehicles 
  • Lovely English speaking guide
  • Safety briefing

Motor Paintball in Tallinn : Information

If you are looking for something different or unique on your stag weekend then here it is! Motor Paintball.

You like Paintball but have done that before? I bet you haven't tried this!

This is paintball but with a real twist and an experience that your mates will remember for a long time. Why walk or run around the paintball site when you can drive!

You'll be at the wheel of an old Russian car poking your head out of the sunroof, unloading as many shots on the opposition as you can while driving around trying to outwit and out-drive your opponents.

Hopefully, you'll choose a decent driver to make tactical moves, evade, or chase the other cars! Feel adrenalin rush as you mercilessly splatter the enemy. We will include all equipment for this awesome activity that really is Paintball meets Mad Max!

15 people
2 Nights


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