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Shooting Package for your Tallinn Stag Do


  • Briefing and equipment
  • 4 weapons : AK-47, Glock, Winchester, Walther PPQ
  • 30 bullets per person
  • Return transfers
  • A qualified instructor will teach you how to aim and shoot
  • Your local guide will accompany you

Shooting Package in Tallinn : Information

When it comes to a stag do, a Shooting Package is always a top activity.

Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing better than taking aim at some paper targets. And, there is no better way to get in some healthy competition between friends than a Shooting Package during a stag do. Sure, there is the classics like Karting and Paintball, but you are in Tallinn, you might as well take full advantage of those lax gun laws.

Some of the guns you will be shooting aren't even allowed on home soil. So enjoy the power, enjoy the rush and enjoy the bragging rights during this Shooting Package on the stag do in Tallinn. 

Remember, there can only be one winner. Everyone else is just losers! 

The instructor will help you perfect your aim, just be sure to listen because at the end your scores will be added up and a winner will be announced. 

15 people
2 Nights


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