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Indoor ReBall for the Vilnius Stag Do


  • Return transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • Game instructor
  • All equipment  including overalls, mask, gloves and guns
  • Unlimited number of ReBalls
  • Indoor Reball venue is located 20-minutes from the city centre 
  • Duration: 1,5 hour + transfers
  • Group size: min 6 / max 20
  • Available year-round

Indoor ReBall in Vilnius : Information

Simply put Indoor ReBall is indoor paintball without the mess and the balls are reusable.

So it's also basically airsoft too.

Whatever you call it, this Indoor ReBall will be a great addition to the stag do in Vilnius. There's nothing like a little bit of healthy competition to get the stag celebrations underway and with paintball being one of the best-selling stag activities, this Indoor ReBall is bound to be a hit with the lads.

Unlike paintball, the ammo used it Indoor Reball is reusable so if you run out just pick up some balls from the ground and get shooting! 

15 people
2 Nights


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