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Wroclaw Stag Do

Great nightlife, fantastic stag party activities and top accommodation.
It's just some of the reasons you'll love a Wroclaw stag do. Read on to discover more about Wroclaw.
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Lying on the Oder River, Wrocław is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities in Poland and the countries' fourth-largest city.

When it comes to a stag do, the picturesque Old Town and impressive architecture are far from the city's biggest drawing card. Wroclaw has enough bars and clubs to cater to a city twice its size, stunning women and an array of activities to suit any stag party.

Not to mention the Polish custom of staying open until the last customer leaves, it's a guaranteed winner for your stag do in Poland.

While it isn't a capital, Wroclaw can definitely compete with the big stag party destinations in Europe. With a growing reputation as the Venice of the North as well as crowned the European Capital of Culture in 2016, Wroclaw is a unique destination for your stag party abroad.

And, despite its size and population, there is nothing fourth place about Wroclaw. Especially when it comes to throwing an epic stag do!

The city looks spectacular in the winter and is packed full of beer gardens in the summer, so whenever you're planning on having the stag do for, Wroclaw won't let you down!

It's not hard to have a great time in Wroclaw during a stag do. It's a beautiful vibrant city with cheap booze, beautiful women and fantastic nightlife. Despite all this, Maximise still has a few suggestions when it comes to a stag do in Wroclaw.

Firstly, organise your Airport Transfers. The hell with taxis or public transport, you are on a stag do and the last thing you need to do is wast precious beer-drinking time waiting in line for a taxi or bus. It's a big no!

Whether you want to keep it simple with a private bus or splash a little cash on a limo, our drivers will meet you at the airport and drop you off at your stag party accommodation in the centre of Wroclaw.

Then it is time for some mayhem and madness with our Action Day. Perfect for those that can't decide on one activity, this Action Day includes a paintball match, zorbing, zip line, snack and 2 beer each. It's a day that's got it all.

After all the competitiveness and thrill-seeking action has come to an end, it's time to relax with a Boat Party that comes with a stripper. If you don't care for all the lights and dance floor but still want the boat and boobs, you can opt for Private Cruse down the Oder River instead. It, of course, comes with the company of a sexy stripper.

Night one of your stag do, it doesn't get much better than our Top Night Out & Shots package. You'll get a guided bar crawl, strip club entry, club entry, 10 shots of Polish Vodka each and your guide will be at your disposal for five hours. While we love this Top Night Out & Shots package on its own, it's also paired perfectly with our Fake Arrest. If your stag can handle a solid prank, this is a great one.

Scenarios can vary, but they all start with police officers turning up at your location and after some time arresting the stag. And, after some time, they all end with a sexy stripper. Our actors will "arrest" the stag and take him to a strip club where he will enjoy a lap dance.

The morning after a big night is never easy...unless you have a Sexy Wake-Up. Trust us, this never fails to get the stag out of bed. The concept is simple but the outcome is jaw-dropping. A gorgeous stripper will ensure your stag gets up on the right side of the bed with the sound of "housekeeping" followed by a strip show like no other. Don't worry, the rest of the lads get to watch on.

After you are all up and feeling fresh, it's time to get serious.

Serious with some seriously powerful weapons that is! Load up and enjoying shooting an AK47, Glock and a Shotgun in our AK47 Shooting Package.

Then, Forget about indoor karting, hit the outdoor track with our Outdoor Karting session. If you have a stag that loves the smell of burn rubber and enjoys putting the pedal to the metal, Outdoor Karting is the only way to go during his stag do in Wroclaw.

With enough bars and clubs to cater to a city twice its size, Wroclaw is made for Bar Crawls and will show you a seriously great time during your stag do.

Along with all the watering holes, the city's nightlife is fuelled by its more than 130,000 students who keep Warsaw's nightlife vibrant, lively and very budget-friendly.

The very epicentre and hub of Wroclaw's Old Town is the Main Market Square, which is where you'll find the city's premier nightlife area.

Just a five-minute walk away on 51 Ruska Street, you'll find Pasaz Niepolda. This open courtyard (or 'passageway') s one of Wrocław's most popular and legendary all-night party destinations and where you will find dozens of top bars and clubs - making it an absolute must visit on your night out during your stag do.

Some of the top clubs in this area include Bezsenność, Mundo 71, Eter Club and Garage.

Another top watering hole is Antidotum, which is a club set in a network of underground tunnels, just behind the market square, and has two bars, two dance floors and attracts plenty of hot Polish girls to its dancefloors. 

Throughout the city, you'll find everything from disco bars, Karaoke clubs, lounge bars and even clubs that play nothing put 90s Polish music. While there is plenty on offer, it's best to sort your nightlife out with a guided bar crawl, so you end up in bars that suit your tastes and budgets. For us, it's a no brainer, it's the best way to enjoy the nightlife in a foreign city and gain plenty of local knowledge. We will also organise entry to a top strip club and an amazing club for you to celebrate in style during your stag do.

Wrocław is a city built on water. It lies in the middle of the Silesian Lowlands, where the River Odra branches out forming 12 islands, which are connected by more than 100 brides. This has earnt Wroclaw the title Venice of the North.

Ryanair and Wizz Air fly direct to Wrocław from the UK and Wrocław–Copernicus Airport is located 6.2 miles south of Wrocław city centre. Rather than hassle with public transport and wave down taxis, Maximise can organise your Return Airport Transfers to get you from the airport to your stag party accommodation.

And, for extra stag fun, you can upgrade to a Limo or even add a stripper onboard for some true stag weekend entertainment. 

Generally, you can get flights from Luton Airport to Wroclaw for under £60, making a stag do in Wroclaw not only easy but super affordable. When in Wroclaw, you can expect to pay about £1.50 for a pint and about £12 for a meal while fast food will only set you back £4.

if you and the lads enjoy sampling local craft beer when abroad, you won't find much better than doing so in Wroclaw, especially with our Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting session.

If you don't want the tour and just want to get straight to the drinking, Targowa Craft Beer and Food, Browar Stu Mostów, Marynka Beer Aperitivo, Kontynuacja and Browar Złoty Pies will be well worth a visit!

Bierhalle and Spiż are the two top local microbreweries, which are also a great place to get in some pints before hitting up Wroclaw's nightlife. 

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