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Tandem Sky Diving for my Zagreb Stag Do


  • Tandem parachute jump for the groom (3000m)
  • Return activity transfers for the whole group
  • Ability to add additional jumps for other participants
  • Able to add a video and photos for an additional fee 

Tandem Sky Diving in Zagreb : Information

Go big or go home with Tandem Sky Diving during your mate's stag do in zagreb!

Perhaps the most adrenaline-pumping stag party activity around and definitely one for the bucket list, throw the stag out of a plane to celebrate his stag do and upcoming wedding.

The stag will plummet towards the earth in a free-fall at up to 200mph, it's certain to make the big day seem less daunting!

If there are any daredevils that also want to throw themselves out of a plane, there's an option to add additional jumps for a fee.

15 people
2 Nights


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