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Boozy Brunch

After a heavy night of drinking, there is no better cure for a hangover than with the hair of the dog. So, tuck into a delicious Boozy Brunch during your stag do and start your day off right! 

There are few things better in the world than a spot on brunch when you've got a hangover, particularly when it’s washed down with a bottomless supply of booze. 

Depending on your stag party location, your Boozy Brunch could include pastries, toasted sandwiches, fruits, pancakes, a classic English fry-up or an American-style Big Breakfast. And regardless of what you're eating, you can wash it down with your unlimited supply of booze! 

The pitchers are replaced as soon as they are finished throughout the meal and usually, you'll have a table reservation for two hours. 

As we said, there is no better way to chase away a hangover than with the hair of the dog...


Other names you can find a great breakfast or brunch under include, Bottomless Brunch, Brunch with Bottomless Booze, Stag Party Breakfast, Boozy Breakfast and Brunch with Bottomless Beer.

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