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Prague Stag Do

Great nightlife, fantastic stag party activities and top accommodation.
It's just some of the reasons you'll love a Prague stag do. Read on to discover more about Prague.
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With pints only setting you back a pound, Prague has long been a stag weekend favourite and we’ve had groups flocking there for years now, making it one of our best stag do locations.

It might be the cheap beer, or the wild nightlife, or the epic stag party activities or maybe it has something to do with the fact that Prague is home to the hottest strippers and best strip clubs in the world!!

We don’t know, but we never hear a bad word back about it and we love that cheap beer and the strippers are the best we've ever seen, there is no comparing the strippers in Prague to anywhere else in the world!!

Cool and calm on the surface, Prague might seem like you're average European city break to the uninformed traveller, but with some of the wildest stag party activities and nightlife around, you're bound to find something you'll love during your stag weekend in Prague, especially if you love strippers...

This is a city that caters to the masses!

Whether you want a cultural hit and do some sightseeing with the seriously fancy sights of the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square on your stag do, or take to the water on a river cruise down the Vltava, or just get in some good old-fashioned stag do boozing, Prague will deliver on for your stag do.

Get your Prague stag do celebrations started from the moment you leave the airport with Hummer Airport Transfers with a stripper. Whenever there is an opportunity to have a stripper and some top stag party entertainment, Prague will deliver!

Check into your stag party accommodation and head straight to the firing range with AK-47 and Shotgun Shooting.

Shooting is a sober activity so quench your thirst afterwards with a river cruise, which is complete with unlimited drinks and a stripper before embarking on an epic bar crawl through Prague and visiting some of the local talents at the strip club.

You absolutely can not go to Prague on a stag do without going to the strip club, it's absolutely not allowed and completely unheard of.

On day two of the stag do give the groom-to-be a nice an early surprise with a Sexy Wake Up before you stitch the stag up with a Dog Chase. Completely safe and completely insane at the same time, memories and laughs guaranteed.

For what is probably going to be the only time you can completely destroy a car, without getting arrested, enjoy a Car Smash before seeing the stag get down and dirty with Jelly Wrestling. Enjoy a traditional Czech Dinner before enjoying traditional Czech girls with an amazing Lesbian Strip Show.

Finish your celebration with lap club entry, nightclub entry and plenty of booze to fuel your celebrations with our VIP Club & Bottles.

Oh, Prague, a picture perfect location that boasts winding cobbled streets, a hill-top castle, ancient monuments, rich architecture, the 14th century Charles Bridge and the lovely Vltava River running through it.

Yes, by day Prague is an interesting city with plenty of sightseeing opportunities. But by night, this city evolves into an all-out party monster that has world-class clubs and is ready to show you an unforgettable time during your stag do.

Firstly, Prague has the best beer in the world and it's cheaper than water, so you can absolutely bet your nights are going to be fuelled with plenty of the stuff. 

Prague also doesn't hold back when it comes to variety, you'll find everything from beer halls and historic pubs to mega 5-storey pubs in the heart of the Old Town.

Prague's nightlife also boasts techno clubs, Rock n' Roll venues, laid-back bars, boat parties, retro clubs and more.

Along with the Old Town and Mala Strana, the other nightlife areas include Vinohrady, Holešovice and Smichov.

When it comes to a stag do in a foreign country, Maximise always recommends getting to know the city with an epic bar crawl. Don't wing it during your stag do and certainly don't end up in a dive, Prague has plenty to offer and our English-speaking guides will make sure you sample the best of it.

When it comes to 5 am, it's time to grab some fried and fatty goodness and head to the Charles Bridge to admire some breath taking views.

Fun fact– The Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than any country in the world and it's literally cheaper than a bottle of water. Yeah, you've chosen the right location for a stag do.

Interestingly Prague was not always the stripper-loving city that it is today. Under communism, nudity and sex work was banned, but that certainly is not the case now. Over the bast few decades an abundance of nightclubs, cabarets, strip clubs, brothels, strip clubs and Sexy Saunas have sprung up throughout the city.

You'll find a number of Prague's famous strip clubs on the side streets off the Wenceslas Square. The most famous being Goldfingers, which is located under the Ambassador Hotel.

And maximise can sort you out with a night to remember at this famous club or one of the other great strip clubs Prague has to offer in abundance. 

If you want to do some sightseeing during your downtime, Prague is made for walking around and has a number of pedestrian zones. However, if you don't want to walk, the city also has a very fast and easy metro system, carries around 600 million passengers per year and connects to everywhere in the city.

Line A (green), Line B (yellow) and Line C (Red) make up the three metro lines that consist of 57 metro stations. While Prague's metro has no turnstiles, you are required to buy and validate your ticket before entering the metro platform.

A 24-hour metro ticket will set you back about 110 CZK (£3.)

And, when it comes to walking in the city, avoid crossing the road while the light is red, even if no cars are coming, this is illegal and can see you slapped with a fine of about £26.

If you want to do a little sightseeing during your stag do in Prague, maximise offers a Guided City Tour, River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks, and E-Scooter Tour and a Segway Tour.

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