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Prague Stag Do

If you're looking for a weekend of cheap beer and incredible nightlife, look no further than Prague. 

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2 Nights
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Whether it's the cheap beer, the wild nightlife, or the epic stag party activities, we’ve had groups flocking to Prague for years. In fact, it’s one of our most popular stag do locations. It might also have something to do with the fact that Prague is home to some of the world’s best strip clubs.

It’s been called 'The City of a Hundred Spires', 'Mother of Cities' and 'The Golden City', but to us, Prague is simply the capital of stag dos. It’s a city that caters to the masses, whether you want to enjoy the sights of the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, take to the water on a River Cruise down the Vltava, or just get in some good old-fashioned stag do boozing. Whatever you’re in the mood for on your stag weekend, Prague will deliver. 

Prague stag do activities are among some of the wildest, sexiest, and best going, so you can guarantee your weekend will be anything but ordinary.

Thanks to the Czech Republic’s laid-back gun laws, we have shooting packages which are perfect for trigger-happy stag parties. Maximise can offer everything from AK-47's to Pistols & Rifles or our Extreme Shooting Package, providing you and the lads with your choice of five weapons.

If that hasn’t satisfied your appetite for destruction, we can provide a Car Smash—all weapons included—or a full-on Action & Adventure Day, including paintball, quad biking, and a tank ride.

By day, Prague is an interesting city with plenty of sightseeing opportunities. But by night, the city evolves into an all-out party monster with some world-class nightlife! And fuelling that nightlife is Prague's very own Pilsner. On top of that, the top selection of Strip Clubs means you lads will be thoroughly entertained the entire time.

Not only does the city have some of the best beer in the world, but it's also among the cheapest in Europe. The bars and clubs stay open until dawn, so you can guarantee your Prague stag weekend is going to be seriously wild.

When it comes to finding the best bars in Prague, you and the lads are going to want to head to Old Town and Mala Strana. Some of the best bars and clubs in Prague include Hangar Bar & Club, The Dubliner Irish Pub, One Club, Rocky O'Reilly's, M1 Lounge Bar and Club, Aloha Bar, Karlovy Lazne and Zlaty Strom. Some of the top nightlife areas in Prague include Vinohrady, Holešovice, and Smichov.

When it comes to a stag do in Prague, Maximise always recommends getting to know the city with a guided bar crawl. Why wing it during your stag do and risk ending up in a dive, when you let one of our English-speaking guides help you sample the Prague’s best bars?

Interestingly Prague was not always the stripper-loving city that it is today. In fact, under communist rule, nudity and sex work was banned, but that is certainly not the case now. Over the past few decades, an abundance of nightclubs, cabarets, strip clubs, and brothels have sprung up throughout the city. You'll find Prague's most famous strip clubs on the side streets off Wenceslas Square, the most famous being Goldfingers, located under the Ambassador Hotel.

With one of the best-preserved historic city centres in Europe, Prague is one of the world's architectural gems. It might be a stag do, but this is one Eastern European city worth exploring. Prague is dotted with amazing sights and example of incredible design and architecture including Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square, St. Vitus Cathedral, The Old Town Square, and the Astronomical Clock. Fortunately, with several pedestrian zones, Prague is made for walking and exploring.

However, if you don't want to walk, the city also has a very fast and easy metro system. Line A (green), Line B (yellow) and Line C (Red) make up the three metro lines, which consist of 57 metro stations and connect to pretty much everywhere in the city. While Prague's metro has no turnstiles, you are required to buy and validate your ticket before entering the metro platform. A 24-hour metro ticket will set you back about 110 CZK (£3).

What to do on a stag do in Prague?
Prague might seem like the usual European city break, but with some of the wildest and sexiest stag party activities and nightlife around, a Prague stag do will be anything but ordinary. Prague is a city that caters to the masses. Whether you want to enjoy the sights, cruise down the Vltava, or just get in some good old-fashioned boozing, Prague will deliver on stag do shenanigans. if you're after action-packed activities, you'll find shooting activities by the bucket load. There is also the Tank Driving, Car Smash, Paintball, Quads and the Rabid Dog Chase—all are sure to get the heart racing and blood pumping. Other top Prague stag do activities include the Beer Bike and a River Cruise that comes complete with a stripper and unlimited drinks. Whatever you and the lads are after, there is plenty to do on a stag do in Prague.
How expensive is Prague for a stag do?
If you want to buy electronics or brand name clothes, you might find Prague a bit more expensive than back home. But with pints going for as little a pound, Prague is far from an expensive city. For the best bargains on food and booze, stick to the traditional bars, restaurants and food stands as touristic restaurants tend to drive the prices up. A classic Czech meal at restaurant will set you back about £4.8, while a Mcdonals Big Mac meal will cost a little over £5. A pint of beer is around £1.2 while a typical bread roll with ham and salad will cost about £1. The metro is also very affordable a 24-hour pass will cost about £3 while a 3-day pass will set you back about £8.50. While Prague is an affordable city to visit, with some 8-million visitors per year, it's certainly not without a tourist trap or two. To avoid overpaying, refrain from buying anything near popular tourist spots and the nearby streets. Simply walk a few hundred metres away from the attraction or area and enjoy the cheap prices of a local restaurant or bar. It might have an identity crisis being referred to as 'The City of a Hundred Spires' as well as the 'Mother of Cities' and 'The Golden City', but to us, Prague is the city of banging stag parties at bargain prices.
Is Prague good for a stag do?
If you're looking for an unforgettable weekend of total stag madness, Prague is without a doubt good for a stag do. There is nothing a Prague stag do can't provide, it might be a beautiful and charming city on the surface, but this wild city also boasts cheap beer, incredible women and nightlife that's out of this world. With pints for about a quid, this is one destination that ticks every box for an incredible stag do.
Is Prague good for nightlife?
Prague's nightlife is an experience that's not to be missed. Not only does Prague have some of the best beer in the world, but it's also among the cheapest in Europe. Combine that with the bars and clubs that stay open until dawn and you can guarantee your nights are going to be seriously wild. Prague also doesn't hold back when it comes to variety, you'll find everything from beer halls and historic pubs to mega 5-storey pubs in the heart of the Old Town. Prague's nightlife also boasts techno clubs, Rock n' Roll venues, boat parties, retro clubs and more. Along with the Old Town and Mala Strana, Prague's best nightlife areas include Vinohrady, Holešovice and Smichov.
15 people
2 Nights


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