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Vilnius Stag Do

A hidden gem of the stag do world, Vilnius is known for loud activities, great local beer and gorgeous women.

15 people
2 Nights
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I think we all owe Vilnius an apology!

Because this formally forgotten territory of the Soviet Union has not been given the attention it deserves. Luckily, Vilnius is making sure it's being seen loud and clear!

In recent years Lithuania and its capital city have emerged as a top tourist hotspot and that's no exception for a top stag weekend either. You still might be scratching you're head and wondering where this Baltic country and it's capital is, but trust us, this is one gem that will throw you and the lads one hell of a time during a stag do.

The beautiful capital boasts an abundance of architectural landmarks, cultural venues, museums, restaurants, bars, clubs and a great range of stag party activities that are sure to provide the endless entertainment you are looking for on your stag do.

While Vilnius serves up an impressive combination of history and culture, the city is best known for its seriously amazing after-dark activities and atmosphere. The nightlife is truly unique, with bars and pubs serving mainly local beers from Lithuania, the vast majority of which aren't found anywhere else in the world - nor are the beautiful women.

During the day there are stag weekend activities on steroids including an AK47 Shooting Package, hot air balloon rides, tank driving and more.

Whether you find yourself in Vilnius during summer or winter, the city won't disappoint for a stag do. 

Cheap, Compact and legendary nightlife. Check!

A great range of stag party activities for a great value. Check that off too.

Affordable accommodation in an affordable city. Double-check...

Sexy women. BIG CHECK!

Yeah, Vilnius seriously has it all and can offer up the best stag do, one the stag will still be raving about by the time the golden anniversary rolls around. You will leave this place and wonder why you hadn't thought of it before. And, while epicness, great memories and an all-around stagtastic time is guaranteed, Maximise still has a few suggestions for a stag do in Vilnius.

Firstly, there is no public transport or taxis when it comes to a stag do in Vilnius. Well, they exist, but we'd rather get the party started from the moment with land with Limo Transfers that come complete with a sexy stripper. There is no better way to get from the airport to your stag party accommodation. This is also a great way to set the pass for the rest of the stag weekend...and it's going to be absolute madness and amazing!

On theme with madness and amazing, there some seriously great stag party activities to enjoy including Tank Drive & Car Destruction activity, Tank Riding, Tank Driving and an Airsoft & Tank Riding combo.

If it's not tanks, get your hands on some seriously powerful guns with our Ultimate Shooting Package, which will see you loaded up with 80 bullets each and the likes of an AK47, Glock, Pistol Makarov, Revolver SW 625, Winchester and other big boy guns during your stag do in Vilnius.

Night's in Vilnius are wilder than the stag party activities on offer. As we said before, this city knows how to party and you can grab a pint for as little as £2.50. The best way to sample the nightlife in Vilnius is with our Top Night Out package, which included a guided bar crawl, strip club entry, entry to a top nightclub and an English-speaking guide for three-hours. For us, this is a no brainer activity, you are in a foreign city and you don't know the best places to head but these local guides do and they always provide our stag parties with a Top Night Out.

Day two of the hangover...sorry stag weekend...get the ride back on that horse keep the partying and stag celebrations going.

And, by horse, we mean bike. And by Bike, we mean Beer Bike. We wish this was an everyday mode of transport and not just one we see during stag weekends. With 30 LITRES of beer onboard and a sober driver to navigate you through the city, this is the best way to tour through Vilnius during your stag do. Sightseeing aside, this is a fantastic stag do activity and one we will never get sick of.

There is a lot that is worth your attention when it comes to a stag weekend in Vilnius, especially when it comes to the amazing range of stag weekend activities.

But, we've narrowed the long list down to a few favourites.

Among the top stag party activities in Vilnius are Tank Driving, Beer Bike, AK 47 Shooting Package and a few of the classics including Paintball, Karting and Quad Bikes.

If it's winter, then a top activity would have to be a Snowmobile Ride and the VIP Sauna & Strip Party, which includes access to a spa, 15-minutes striptease and two beers each.

Vibrant, amazing and affordable nightlife is a key ingredient when it comes to the success of a great stag weekend. And, trust us, the nightlife in Vilnius makes the perfect recipe for a great stag do.

Live music, cocktail bars, beer taverns to massive clubs and even gay bars, no matter what you are after, it is all on offer in Vilnius and the nightlife is among the best you can find in all the Baltics.

The two main areas that will be competing for your attention will be the Vokieciu street district and the Islandijos street district, which are within walking distance from each other, making this area ideal for a guided bar crawl.

Tamsta Club, Opium, Loftas, Pantera, Exit and Mojo Lounge are just a few of the top clubs that draw a healthy crowd night after night and never fail to impress the hoards of party revellers. From rock to electric and all the dancefloor anthems, there is a club and something for everyone’s taste when it comes to the nightlife in Vilnius. 

Party city aside, Vilnius is also one for the cultural and history nuts!

Vilnius' old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second largest old town in Europe after Prague. And, while it's beauty is undeniable, it's the buildings and monuments lining the medieval Old Town that best reflect Vilnius' diverse and colourful history. A history that has a mixture of Medieval, Baroque and Soviet influences.

From the cobblestoned streets, the neo-classical Vilnius Cathedral to the Gothic St. Anne's Church, Vilnius is a city that is steeped in rich history and architecture.

All this and it's less than a 3-hour flight away. Both Liverpool and London have direct flights to Vilnius, but you'll find it for under£90 from London with Wizz Air.

Ryanair and LOT will also get you there, but you'll be paying at least £40 more. And we all know that extra £40 could be put to good use during the stag do in Vilnius! 

15 people
2 Nights


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