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Warsaw Stag Do

From great activities to cheap Vodka, Warsaw is guaranteed to give you a stag weekend to remember.

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If you're looking for a stag weekend in a European capital that offers up great stag activities and a blinding nightlife, Warsaw has you covered.

But, unlike other European capital cities, Warsaw will throw you an epic stag do without burning a giant hole in the wallet.

Action-packed stag party activities and a blinding nightlife, which carries on until dawn, are not the only draw cards when it comes to a Warsaw stag do. There's also the ridiculously cheap and strong vodka and the stunning Polish girls to enjoy.

Warsaw offers a stag party everything you'd expect from the capital of Poland, and then some. The mantra 'go hard or go home' has never been truer.

With activities ranging from the stag weekend staples like paintball and quad biking to the more insane activities like monster truck driving or bungee jumping for the thrill-seekers groups, you're sure to find something to keep all the lads happy in Warsaw.

Firstly, a glass of beer, wine and the famed Polish Vodka, if you can handle it, starts from as little as 65p!

We thought that was worth mentioning before we got into any more details about the hedonistic Warsaw...

While we are big fans of the cheap booze and over-indulgent nightlife on offer in Warsaw, don't let it overshadow everything else that's also worth enjoying during your stag weekend.

Whether you are arriving from Chopin Airport or Warsaw-Modlin Mazovia Airport, sort your transfers to the city our with Maximise. We've got everything from a minibus to a Hummer or party bus on offer. And, there's always plenty of room for some extra company in the form of a stripper.

While drinking is usually where memories are forgotten, good activities are were great memories are made and it doesn't get much better than Tank Driving. Far from the usual karting experience, put your groom-to-be behind the wheel of a 60-ton machine during his stag do in Warsaw instead.

Keep the action-packed activities going with the Ultimate Shooting Package. Shooting activities are always are a crowd pleaser and with SEVEN guns to get your hands on and 80 bullets to shoot each, this shooting activity will be no exception!

While we've touched on Warsaw's nightlife and there is no denying it is amazing, having a friendly local guide show you where the best pint can be found is always a top choice when it comes to a stag do. During our guided bar crawls, you and the lads will be shown all the top watering holes as well as enjoy entry to a top nightclub and a strip club if you wish.

Your hangover cures are sorted the next morning with either the Sexy Wake-up or the Private River Cruise, which comes complete with a striper. Or, rather than choosing, you can just enjoy both. Why hold back, it's a stag do after all.

Don't leave all the fun with the strippers, in the afternoon, there is plenty of fun and healthy competition to be had with Bubble Football, Archery Tag or Footdarts.

As we said, Warsaw has a lot to offer and while heavy drinking will absolutely be part of your stag weekend, It shouldn't be what the whole stag do is about. So, be sure to enjoy some, if not all, these great activities during your stag do in Warsaw.

The night is still young...

In fact, it always is when it comes to the nightlife in Warsaw. Thanks to the eruption of more bars and clubs over the past few years, you're never far from a fresh pint or some more vodka when it comes to a night out in Warsaw. Something we love when it comes to a stag do!

With this torrent of trendy clubs and bars constantly opening, Warsaw has built itself a solid reputation as being one of the best cities in Europe for a wild and affordable night out.

Whether you want to opt for the pulsating clubs at Plac Zbawiciela, the bars and clubs by the Vistula or head across the river to the arty and trendy districts of Stara Praga or Saska Kępa - a full array of watering holes and party districts awaits you.

If partying is top of the agenda, you'll find a solid splattering of top clubs along the streets of Mazowiecka, Kredytowa, Parkingowa, Nowogrodzka and Żurawia.

Your alcohol tolerance and tenacity are just prerequisites when it comes to having an epic night out in Warsaw. Your greatest tool to a successful night out will be a guided bar crawl and club entry combo. A staple among stag weekends and the key to getting the nightlife just right. Don't just sit in any old bar downing pints, drink like locals and party in the best bars with Maximise. 

There’s no denying it, Warsaw has had a colourful and often turbulent past. 

First, it was ransacked by the Swedes in the 17th Century, then it fell under Russian occupation for the majority of the 19th Century until Poland was finally freed from oppression in 1918.

It enjoyed a golden age for a short while until WWII broke out, which saw much of the city and its population destroyed. It was then rebuilt into a gloomy concrete city...

BUT, that was then and this is now! Forget about what the history books tell you, Warsaw is it's slightly negative history and is now dynamic, vibrant, constantly developing and full of character!

Although, if you are one for history, you'll be in your element in Warsaw. It was the last residence of the Polish royalty and the place where the 1944 uprising happened, which you can learn all about at the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Along with it's dynamic and forever developing a status, Warsaw is super accommodating when it comes to getting there from the UK. Served by not just one, but two airports, Warsaw couldn't be easier to get to.

Warsaw Chopin Airport is the older and busier of the two airports and receives daily flights by British Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Wizz Air. Currently, Ryanair is the only carrier flying from the UK to Warsaw-Modlin Mazovia Airport.

According to Skyscanner, you can find flights for as little as £36 from most major UK airports to Warsaw including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Newcastle. 

Lastly, if you are the sightseeing and strolling kind of stag party, don't forget to check out  Trakt Królewski (the Royal Route). Considered the most beautiful area of Warsaw, Trakt Królewski has five connecting streets on which many culturally important buildings and monuments are found. 

15 people
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