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Bratislava Stag Do

With pints as little as 80p a Bratislava stag do is a must for anyone looking for a boozy stag do.

15 people
2 Nights
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When it comes to a stag do, you can't go wrong with the eastern bloc. But, Bratislava tends to get overlooked by the likes of Prague and Budapest. And, it's time to put a stop to it because a Bratislava stag do is seriously wild and great value for money.

We'd even go as far to say, a Bratislava stag do is as good as it gets. You've got some of the best stag party activities to choose from such as Sexy Mud Wrestling, AK-47 Shooting and Tank Driving. Pair this with the insane nightlife and super cheap flights and you've got a match made in stag do heaven.

As for a hangover cure, you can't go wrong with a Danube Cruise & Striptease!

Bratislava stag do activities are up there with the best of them and combined with awesome nightlife, this capital city is rapidly growing in reputation.

Sure, all the usual stag party suspects are there like footy, paintball, karting, quads and bubble football. BUT, Bratislava stag do activities get far more extreme and unique than just the classics.

If it's an adrenaline rush you're after, there is whitewater rafting, bridge swinging, bobsledding and even hydrospeed to get the blood pumping. But, for us, the real fun is with one of the shooting packages, tank driving or car smash.

Then there is also the option to destroy a car with a tank!

Either way, Bratislava knows how to keep the day as crazy as their nights. 

Bratislava's nightlife does not disappoint with its range of top watering holes. Whether its a bar, pub, club or strip club, this city has plenty to keep you busy all weekend.

Cheap and compact where everything you need and want is within walking distance. That's one way to describe the nightlife in Bratislava. The other is, completely wild, completely spectacular and guaranteed to give you a night to remember.

With so much on offer, it can be hard to know where to go and where to avoid during the stag do in Bratislava, which is what makes Maximise's Bar Crawl with Unlimited Drinks & Club Combo perfect for your first night in this party city.

Both Bratislava's city centre and the old town is where you'll find the best bars, clubs and strip clubs. We can sort you out with everything from club entry to drink packages to cooling down in an ice bar - as we said, Bratislava has it all and won't disappoint when it comes to its nightlife and your stag do.

Bratislava has no shortage of stunning Slovak babes that don't tend to love removing their clothes.

Yes, Bratislava loves its sexy scantily-dressed women, whether you want to get down and dirty with mud wrestling, enjoy dinner with a sexy view, a limo ride with some very special onboard entertainment or fest your eyes on a lesbian show, Bratislava does not disappoint when it comes to the classic stag party entertainment.

Don't forget to give the stag the ultimate wake-up call with either the Sexy Wakeup. And, if it's a prank you're after, book the fake arrest, which always comes with a 'happy ending'.

Does Bratislava have good nightlife?
Driven by cheap prices and plenty of sexy women, Bratislava is becoming increasingly popular for it's wild and vibrant nightlife. Especially for stag parties. To the uninformed traveller, Bratislava looks like a charming 18th-century town, but when the sun goes down, Bratislava really comes alive. The best of Bratislava's nightlife is scattered around the historic centre, also known as the Old Town. The streets of Ventúrska, Michalská and Obchodná are also lively nightlife hubs and where you'll find plenty of great bars and wild clubs. Other areas worth a mention are Hviezdoslavovo and SNP squares. Cheap and compact where everything you need and want is within walking distance. That's what you can expect from Bratislava's nightlife during your stag do. You can also expect pints of local beer for as little as 99p. Although it won't be in the Old Town, being a tourist hot spot the prices tend to be more expensive there, but still affordable. Along with its top nightlife, Bratislava does not disappoint when it comes to the classic stag party entertainment either. You can enjoy sexy mud wrestling, the classic striptease, a lesbo show, limo ride with a stripper and plenty more. It's all on offer in Bratislava.
Is Bratislava a good stag destination?
A budget-friendly capital city where a pint of local beer is only 99p. Like any European capital, Bratislava has everything you need for a top stag do, but it won't set you back a small fortune. Voted as the 'Best value city for stag dos' in 2014, you can't go wrong with a stag party in Bratislava. While the 18th-century town looks picturesque and charming, this Eastern European gem certainly has a wild side. Being a relatively compact city, you'll find hoards of vibrant bars and clubs all within walking distance—making it the perfect city for a stag do bar crawl. In addition to Bratislava's top nightlife, the city has plenty of great stag do activities also on offer. Given its location, one of the most popular Bratislava stag do activities is a Danube River Cruise. Especially one that comes with a stripper onboard for some quintessential stag entertainment. Along with cheap flights and accommodation, Bratislava has all you need to give your mate one hell of a send-off.
Things to do on a stag do in Bratislava?
Being one of the cheapest capital cities in mainland Europe, Bratislava has plenty of exhilarating stag activities that won't put a dent in your beer-drinking budget. Not only are Bratislava's stag do activities affordable, but they're also among some of the best on offer. The most popular Bratislava stag do activities include an AK-47 Shooting Package, Car Smash, Tank Ride, Armoured Ride & Car Smash Combo and the Tank Ride & Ultimate Demolition activity, which involves driving a 13-ton tank over a car. If you want adrenaline-pumping and action-packed stag do activities, Bratislava has them in spades. In addition to that, there is also all the classic stag do activities on offer including paintball, karting, sexy mud wrestling and steak and strip dinners. It's all on offer when it comes to a Bratislava stag do. Although smaller in size compared to other capitals cities, Bratislava's nightlife boasts vibrant bars, clubs and some of the best strip clubs in the country. What Bratislava lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in variety and quality. Cheap booze, great activities and amazing nightlife—it's not hard to see why Bratislava has become one of Europe's most popular stag do destinations.
15 people
2 Nights


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