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Edinburgh Stag Do

When people say it’s grim up north, they’re not talking about an Edinburgh stag do!

15 people
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An old city, rich in history, culture and pulsating nightlife. That's what you can expect from Edinburgh.

There's also loads for you to do out there and tonnes of top stag do activities. Being in Scotland means Edinburgh has a fair few bars for you to explore too.

All the classic activities are there, but there are also a lot of different activities like Gladiator Duel or It’s a Knockout. This is one location that has everything you need for a stag do.

Multi-Activity Days will always be a top choice for your Edinburgh stag do as you get the chance to try out a number of activities without breaking the beer-drinking budget. Better yet, they are usually held at the same venue or very close to one another.

It’s not just the top class activities Edinburgh can offer. If you’re having an August stag do then there are plenty of incredible festivals and music events.

On top of that there is a vibrant nightlife scene, especially on George Street and surrounding areas, with many pubs & clubs that are just waiting for you and the lads!

You can get all of this and so much more when you book with Maximise.

Edinburgh may be a university town with UNESCO Heritage Sites, Castles, a medieval Old Town and a dormant volcano, but when it comes to nightlife this city is anything but sleepy.

In fact, this city feels like it was built for bar hopping and to show stags a good time. Whether you’re planning on drinking in the old town or going out clubbing in the new town, its best to go on a Guided Bar Crawl to get your bearings. After you lads have hit up the bars you can always head into the new town to one of Edinburgh’s top nightclubs.

Around Candlemaker Row, Victoria Street and Grassmarket are where you'll find slightly cheaper drinks and live music in the Old Town.

As for the New Town, while you'll find the student crowd (they can always locate a cheap drink) near the university in the south of the city in Potterow. 

As much as we wish an Edinburgh stag do to just be about drinking, you’re going to need some food eventually. If you head to Stockbridge and George Street you’re certain to find restaurants and cafes serving up delicious meals at affordable prices.

Edinburgh is more than 400 miles from London and while you might not all be travelling from London, you're going to need to set aside at least half a day to get to Edinburgh for your stag do.

Budget airlines including EasyJet, Ryanair, British Air and Flybe offer flights to Edinburgh from all of London's airports and other major airports in the UK on a regular basis.

The average cost is £130 for a round trip, however, you can get flights cheaper if you book earlier. Depending on the time you travel it could be as little as £60.

Due to the number of festivals, August is the most expensive time to travel to Edinburgh, you'll also find everything is more expensive during this time, including accommodation.

Trains and coaches both run from London on a daily basis, trains leave from Kings Cross Station every ten to thirty minutes and will set you back about £60. If you really want to save on travel and don't mind an overnighter, you can get a coach for as little as £15, though we think the extra £45 is worth it.

What to do on a stag do in Edinburgh?
Known as the city of festivals, Edinburgh is also a city of stag parties. Along with the world-famous festivals, you and the lads can enjoy plenty of adrenaline-fuelled activities, great bars, top food and home-grown whisky during your stag do in Edinburgh. Getting immersed in Scottish sporting tradition with the Mini Highland Games is one of the top things to do on a stag do in Edinburgh. Other popular Edinburgh stag do activities include Gladiator Duel, Hovercrafting, River Bugging, It's A Knockout or taking on some fast-moving rapids in White Water Rafting. If you're struggling to narrow down the choices, there is action days and several activity combos or multi-activity days which allows you to enjoy several great Edinburgh stag do activities. When you're not enjoying the heart-pumping stag do activities in Edinburgh, there are many diverse pubs to quench your thirst in. One of the best drinking hotspots is Grass Market, you'll find plenty of local pubs serving up plenty of Scotch whisky. Regardless of what you're after, an Edinburgh stag do is guaranteed to be filled with fun, booze, sexy lasses and plenty of stag party carnage. A capital city without the London price tag will make your stag party in Edinburgh a sure-fire winner.
15 people
2 Nights


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