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Amsterdam Stag Do

The Red Light District & sexy women. It's just two of the many reasons to have an Amsterdam stag do. 
15 people
2 Nights
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The stag do capital of the world, Amsterdam! The original city of sin and the European stag party titan, it is second to none when it comes to stag weekend celebrations.

Known as the world's most opened-minded city with a relaxed attitude to the more risqué activities, drugs, alcohol and pretty much everything, Amsterdam and stag parties have long been a match made in heaven.

However, it's not all about the famed red-light district or coffee shops serving up more than just lattes, Amsterdam also has plenty of innocent activities, beautiful architecture, an elaborate canal system and a rich culture on offer.

Believe us when we tell you it won't let you and the boys down on your stag do.

To get the most out of a stag do in Amsterdam, get the celebrations underway from the moment you land with our limo airport transfers complete with a sexy stripper for the ultimate stag weekend entertainment.

After you have settled into your stag do accommodation, it's time to go enjoy Amsterdam with some pre-drinks on board a private river cruise, our stag do cruises can come complete with pizza and unlimited drinks or a stripper for some more risqué entertainment.

Before you get stuck into Amsterdam's famed Red Light District, be sure to line your stomachs with either All You Can Eat Ribs or a Traditional Dutch meal then move onto the LIVE SEX SHOWS and clubs.

For the second day of the stag do in Amsterdam, start by making sure the stag wakes up on the right side of the bed with a Sexy Wake-Up. You can get peddling (and drinking of course!) with a Beer Bike during the day or enjoy destroying a car with Car Smash.

Enjoy a Meal with a Stripper for dinner and finish up with a Dominatrix Bar Crawl or a Bar Crawl & Club Combo.

Known as the world's most opened-minded city, our top stag do activities in Amsterdam focus on 'party', 'beer' and 'sex'.

So, during the day enjoy it's no surprise that our top stag weekend activities include a Booze Cruise, the Beer Bike, Sexy Wake-up, Fake Arrest, and a Private River Cruise with Stripper.

However, it's not all about sex and beer in Amsterdam, you can also enjoy some of the less risqué activities including car smash, bubble football, quad biking and paintball or get your hands on some real guns with our shooting activities in Amsterdam.

If you are not hitting up the famed Red Light District, Live Sex Shows or strippers, you can enjoy a number of our bar and club crawls, club combos, limo rides, ice bar or even a Drag Queen Dinner. Either way, a stag do in Amsterdam is guaranteed to be red hot!

Another not-to-be-missed activity is Sexy Oil Wrestling!

A city where anything goes, Amsterdam's nightlife is rightly famous and contrary to anywhere else in the world.

While you should definitely consider going on a Red Light District Tour, Amsterdam's nightlife boasts more than just 'Coffee Houses' and neon-red windows.

When it does come to the Red Light District, along with its well-dressed window displays, you'll also find a colossal of bars, some 'high-end' shopping and plenty of security. It's worth mentioning taking photos of the famed red windows, in particular, the women inside them, is very much frowned upon and you may find yourself being asked by security to delete your photos. The most well known and popular area of the Red Light District is the De Wallen.

Amsterdam's reputation as the original City of Sin is well deserved with enough clubs, bars, coffee houses and more to keep even the most seasoned partygoer up all night long. The main areas for clubbing are Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein, although there are clubs scattered throughout the city, including in and around the Canal Ring (Grachtengordel)‎ and Spui.

Amsterdam can tend to lean on the pricey side, so to get the most bang for your buck and to avoid any tourist traps, Maximise recommends going on a guided bar crawl during your first night. This is the best way to get a feel for the city and sample the best Amsterdam has to offer.

Maximise can also up the ante during your bar crawl with either a pant-sied pal, which is always a great stag stitch-up or sort you out with a VIP table and drinks once you hit the club.

Of course, Amsterdam is famed for the more risqué nightlife options, so Maximise can also offer a Dominatrix Bar Crawl, Dinner & Strip, a limo tour with a stripper, Sexy Oil Wrestling and even a Live Sex Show for your stag weekend.

While Amsterdam has certainly been dubbed as the city 'where anything goes', there are a few ground rules that every traveller should know and stick to, and that goes for you stags too.

As we have already mentioned, taking photos of the working women, especially in the neon-red windows is an absolute NO go. You can look at them, you can touch them, hell you can even lick them - the windows that is - but do not get out your phone and start snapping away. The area is pretty-well monitored by security and they will confront you to delete your photos.

Trust us, Blue Lights are not the same as Red! If you do find yourself in De Wallen, or better known as the Red Light District, you may find some windows are illuminated by blue instead of red and this indicates a transgender sex worker is behind the glass. Definitely, something you guys should know before you head off on your stag weekend.

Weed YES, no worries at all there, BUT tobacco oh that's a no go.

It tends to surprise a lot of visitors that, while you can legally light up a joint in an Amsterdam coffee shop, you can’t light up a cigarette. Some coffee houses may have a designated smoking area and while some might give you a warning, others might enforce the anti-smoking rule with a fine. So, just stick to the weed and you should be fine!

Amsterdam is not as 'drugs are legal' as you may think. So, when it comes to your stag weekend, don't assume you can just light up a joint and start smoking it in the streets. Like anywhere, that's illegal. As is cocaine, LSD and heroin. And, as of 2008, even magic mushrooms have been banned.

Lastly, Amsterdam has a very compact pedestrianised city centre, making sightseeing and bar hopping easy and far less strenuous than other capital city's. However, when it comes to getting into the city after arriving, Maximise taking the easy and comfortable option with our Return Airport Transfers. No public transport, no taxis and no hassle - just how every stag do should start and end. 

15 people
2 Nights


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