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Bar Crawl & Club Combo for my Amsterdam Stag Do


  • Bar Crawl & Club Combo
  • Private bar crawl, tailored to your preferences 
  • Visit of 4-5 bars
  • 1 shot in each bar
  • A guide with you for 3 hours
  • Discover the best nightlife that Amsterdam has to offer
  • Entry to a nightclub/disco bar is included for the whole group


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Bar Crawl & Club Combo in Amsterdam : Information

This Bar Crawl & Club Combo is a night out with all the trimmings for your stag do in Amsterdam!

Forget about standing in long queues or getting caught in an over-priced tourist trap during your stag do in Amsterdam, sort your nightlife out with our Bar Crawl, Club Entry & Shots Combo.

What is the Bar Crawl & Club Combo for your Amsterdam Stag Do:

Simply put, it's a top night out and guaranteed to be one that goes down in the memory books...

Your evening begins with a crawl of the best bars in the city and Amsterdam is one city bar crawls were made for. A vast area of the city centre is completely pedestrianised, which makes bar hopping incredibly easy and you'll never have to far to walk to get to the next watering hole.

You will have your English-speaking guide at your disposal for 3-4-hours during this mammoth bar crawl. She knows Amsterdam like the back of her hand and will get you entry to the best clubs, bars, strip clubs and more.

After your bar crawl, it's time to head to the strip club to support and cheer on the local talent!

There are no 'ifs', 'buts' or questions about it...

There must be a stripper, there's always a stripper when it comes to a stag do.

We're sure it's down in a rule book somewhere...

And a stag weekend in Amsterdam is no exception, especially when it comes to Maximise's Bar Crawl & Club Combo. But you are in Amsterdam, one of the sex capitals of the world. So, regardless if you get the stag a lap dance or not, visiting a strip club should be high on the agenda when it comes to a stag do in Amsterdam.

Our guide will make sure you avoid the tourist traps and make sure your night is celebrated properly!

The evening will end in a nightclub located in the city centre.

Once you're at the club Maximise can arrange further great deals including our VIP Night, which will sort you out with table reservation and a bottle of spirits between every 4 people.


The English-speaking guide can adapt the bar crawl to suit your tastes and budgets, including heading to the strip club. Despite our best efforts, it's not actually mandatory - just highly recommended! 

In addition to this already great Bar Crawl & Club Combo, Maximise can organise some great pranks to be included on the night. The first is the Smurf Bar Crawl, which includes the English-speaking guide and the bar crawl, but there is an extra special and 'little' twist that is guaranteed to see you in tears of laughter. We love a good prank and seeing the stag handcuffed to a dwarf dressed as a smurf throughout the duration of the bar crawl is among some of the best we've seen.

A good laugh is to be had by all!

As we said, it wouldn't be a proper  Amsterdam stag do without at least one stag stitch up and another one we consider among the top would have to be a Stag Arrest.

A fake one, of course!

Give the stag the scare of a lifetime, and make his stag do truly unforgettable with a fake arrest during the stag do in Amsterdam. Scenarios can vary, but they all start with police officers turning up at your location and after some time arresting the stag.

And, after some time, they all end with a lap dance at the strip club.

If you're undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Amsterdam, this Bar Crawl & Club Combo or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas. 

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