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Mini Tanks for your Bratislava Stag Do


  • Drive in a Mini Tank
  • 10-minutes per person
  • One person per tank
  • Mini track for your to complete (dirt, mud, forest)
  • Instructor
  • Local guide
  • Return transfer

Mini Tanks in Bratislava : Information

Sick of the same old stag do activities and want to try something new on your stag do in Bratislava?

How about driving around in a Mini Tank?

That's certainly not something you get to do every day. In this new and slightly bizarre stag do activity, you'll take it turns riding around in a Mini Tank. There is a course for you to complete and while these Mini Tanks aren't quite the same as a gas-guzzling war relic, they've still got plenty of power behind them.

Think of it like the Miniature golf version of real golf. Fun, hilarious, slightly different and yet still a great activity. That's what it's like with these Mini tanks activity. 

15 people
2 Nights


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