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Bubble Football for my Bucharest Stag Do


  • Field rented out for 60 minutes
  • Football and equipment 
  • 1 inflatable ball per person
  • Minimum of ten people 
  • Return transfer in a minibus
  • Centrally located venue 
  • English Speaking guide provided

Bubble Football in Bucharest : Information

Bubble Football for my Bucharest Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends Bubble Football for my Bucharest Stag Do | Maximise Stag Weekends

Turn the beautiful game into the hilarious game with Bubble Football!

You always play football with your friends in your city? But you probably never tried Bubble Football. This incredible activity is fairly new to the Stag Do scene, but we love it.

For one hour, you will enjoy a football game (5 a side) but there is a hysterical twist! In most 5 a side games you would usually wear bibs, but here the bib is in the form of a big, inflatable ball.

We could try to convince you it'll be a fiercely competitive game of football, but it won't. You'll just be on the floor the entire time!

It's hilarious though. One to remember.

So, What exactly is Bubble Football:

As we said, it's the world's greatest and favourite game - but better!

While Bubble football follows the same objectives and overall rules of a regular football match, you'll now have your torso and arms encased in a giant inflatable ball.

You'll split into teams as you don your giant inflatable ball and then it's time for the real football mayhem to begin...

The aim of the game is to score as many goals against the opposing team. You know, like football...

While the same rules of 5-a-Side apply, that's about where the similarities end. Tackles fly in from every direction, it's unique and most importantly, hilariously competitive and fun.

What does your Bubble Football activity include:

Maximise we'll sort you and the lads out with transfers to and from the field or venue, as well as a Bubble Football referee, all your equipment and the venue/field hire for an hour.

You'll also have your English-speaking guide to make sure everything goes smoothly. Also, she can assist you with anything else you may need while you're out there.

Where did Bubble Football come from:

Norwegians Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden first invented Bubble Football as a joke and it first appeared on a Norwegian TV program in 2011.

Little did they know then, Bubble Football would end up taking the world by storm and become one of the most popular stag party activities on the market.

Following its appearance on Norwegian TV, Bubble Football soon made its way to the UK with the help of Lee Moseley. By 2014, the sport had reached as far as New Zealand and the United States, where it is overseen by its governing body, the BBA.

And in 2018, the world was introduced to the first ever Bubble Football International Cup. So, be sure to get in plenty of practice during your Bucharest stag weekend, you could end up becoming Bubble Football champions - probably not, but there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

Why do Bubble Football during your Stag Do in Bucharest:

Apart from being the perfect opportunity to crash, bash and bump into the stag (forget about if he's on your team or not), its the perfect opportunity for some healthy competition, plenty of banter and some challenges.

If the Bubble Football element was not competitive enough for you and the lads, you can also give Bubble Bowling, Bubble Sumo and Bubble Bulldog a try during your Bucharest Stag Do, we guarantee these amazing activities won't disappoint!

Bubble Bowling is as good as it sounds. A group of pins, better known as grown men strapped into their inflatable bubble balls, stand at one end of the pitch while another player tries to run and dive at the group in an attempt to knock as many pins over as possible. Absolutely try this, don't even think about it twice, just be sure to get it on video!

Bubble Bulldog, similar to the game you played and loved as kids. This is where one player (the bulldog) tries to capture as many players as possible by stopping them from getting from one end of the pitch to the other. Whoever gets knocked down then also becomes a bulldog.

Bubble Sumo is as you might expect, 2 players go head to head inside the center circle and attempt to knock each other out of the circle. Who ever is left standing is the winner, simple ay?

Bubble Football and the various scenarios and games you can play while strapped into your giant inflatable ball are guaranteed to be absolutely hilarious and one activity you won't forget in a hurry.

Something that you're going to want to film and watch again and again, especially when someone goes flying!

What to do before and after the Bubble Football activity during your Bucharest Stag Do:

There are plenty of other top class activities for your to enjoy on a Stag Do in Bucharest. Once you've bumped, bashed and crashed against the Stag its time for some shooting with our excellent AK47 Shooting Package. Or, if that doesn't work for you try our Beer Bike, its the best way to see the city.

15 people
2 Nights


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