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Hire a Strip Club & Buffet Dinner for my Budapest Stag Do


  • Exclusive to your stag party
  • Hire a strip club for 2 hours
  • Whisky, Vodka, Gin, beer open bar
  • Special show for the stag
  • Dances last for 15 mins instead of 10 mins for your group (Maximise special offer!)
  • Local guide
  • Buffet dinner

Hire a Strip Club & Buffet Dinner in Budapest : Information

Live like kings on your stag do in Budapest and show the stag why you really are his best man.

Don't just take him to the strip club, HIRE one out for TWO HOURS!!!!

A visit to the strip club is a must when it comes to a stag do, but we've upped the ante and made it possible to hire one during your stag do in Budapest.

Not only will you enjoy having the club all to yourselves, but you also receive a Buffett Dinner, UNLIMITED drinks AND a special show for the stag!

Why dream small when you can dream big for a stag do in Budapest.

Generally, you can hire the club in the afternoon and early evening. However, if you can stay for as long as you want and Maximise has exclusive deals with the club so if you want additional dances and even more speial treatment, we can arrange it at discounted rates and for longer!

15 people
2 Nights


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