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Guide to understanding Geordie slang & sayings

Planning a Newcastle stag do and a night on 'The Toon'?

Whey Aye Man you are!

Being a buzzing city with a reputation for having the best nightlife in the UK, there will be plenty of things for you to enjoy during your stag do in Newcastle. One of them being the distinctive Geordie accent spoken by its residents.

While most Brits are puzzled by it, Geordie is the oldest English regional dialect still spoken. Recently it was even crowned one of the top 10 sexiest in the UK. Despite the accolade, if you're not a Geordie, chances are you'll have a bit trouble understanding it.

So, to help you out, we've created a list of popular Geordie sayings to help you get by when you head to Newcastle for your stag do.


Translation: Good, nice or pretty.


Translation: Going


Translation: Newcastle city centre and Newcastle United FC

"Why aye, man!"

Translation: Yes!

For example: 'Are ya gan on the toon?'

'Why aye, man!'

"Howay, man!"

Translation: Hurry up, come on, good luck or go away.

"Gannin Yem"

Translation: Going Home

"Am Clamming"

Translation: I’m so hungry


Translation: good, proper or significant

"I Divvina"

Translation: I don’t know


Translation: Man


Translation: A violent or aggressive person.

For example: That gadgie is a being a propa Radgie


Translation: Used as a term for disbelief, similarly to "You must be joking"


Translation: Look


Translation: Head


Translation: An insult, to call someone an idiot

"Mortal" or "Git mortal"

Translation: Drunk or to get drunk.

"Giz a deek"

Translation: Let me see or let me think.

"What ye uptee the nee"

Translation: What are you doing tonight?

"Being a proper workyticket"

Translation: Being incredibly mischievous or pushing one's luck.

"Snout" or "Tab"

Translation: A cigarette.

"Giz a snout mate"

Translation: Can I have a cigarette

"She's geet lush"

Translation: She's very good looking

"I'm propa paggered"

Translation: I'm really tired

"He's geet canny as oot"

Translation: He's a really nice person

"Here man, he's giving is hackies"

Translation: He's looking at me funny

Beaming with northern pride, Newcastle is a buzzing city famed for its nightlife and Geordie accent. We hope this guide helps you understand the locals so you can get mortal and have a propa night on the Toon.

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