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Most unusual stag do activities

If you're sick of all the usual stag do activities and need something new and exciting but more importantly unusual, then this is for you.

Best men of the world it's time to listen up! If you need to find an epic stag do activity that none of the lads have tried before then this list is for you.

Being a Best Man is no small task, so you could be forgiven if you ended up organising a stereotypical stag do activity that all the lads have tried a hundred times before. 

But, your best friend deserves more than that and he's probably sick of all the paintball and karting anyway, so it's time to mix things up a bit...

Maximise has got some of the most unusual stag do activities going around. Even if the lads have done everything before, they won't have done these activities!

The slightly freaky and unusual stag do activities

Is it just us or has anyone else noticed the indisputable growing trend around zombies lately?

Ever since stag parties first reported zombie experiences as one of the best stag do activities in the UK, zombies keep popping up everywhere. Seriously, we've got reports of sightings in everywhere from abandoned schools to tunnels, old factories, forests and old psychiatric hospitals and everywhere in between!

And, although the zombie apocalypse is not coming, these zombie experiences have proved scarily popular on the stag weekend circuit and we can't get enough of them either!

You can find Zombie Experiences in Manchester, Sheffield Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Bournemouth and London.

Another popular and unusual stag do activity rising in popularity are Escape Rooms.

You'll find an Escape Room activity available in almost all of our stag party destinations and while themes and styles may vary, the concept remains the same.

You'll opt to get locked in a room and with an hour on the clock, you and the lads need to work together to solve puzzles and hunt for clues in order to escape and make your bid for freedom. 

Unusual Stag Party driving activities

From the racetrack to the snow or a muddy track, there is an adrenaline-fuelled and unusual driving experience to suit every stag party on any kind of budget.

While driving a JCBs or hovercrafts are definitely unique and slightly out-there, they're nowhere as unusual as driving a tank!

See what it feels like to be inside one of these monsters that don't let anything get in their way with one of our great tank driving packages.

You'll find great Tank Driving activities in Budapest, Prague, Nottingham, Leeds has a Mini Tank Battle and Warsaw offer both a tank ride and a tank driving experience. 

Time to make a splash - unusual stag do activities in the water!

If you and the lads are more of the adrenaline-junkie type and love the water then there are a plethora of unusual stag do activities that have you and water in mind!

If you want to take to the skies then parasailing will be a great addition to your stag party celebrations. Reaching up to 250 metres in the sky, it's not for the faint-hearted, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and ideal for a stag weekend!

And speaking of unusual water-based stag do activities, there is also flyboarding. It looks like something out of the future but these hydro- flighting devices are far from a dream, they're absolutely real and absolutely insane!

Flyboarding is another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and unusual stag do activity, which gives you the ability to propel yourself 12 metres high into the air using powerful cannons of water.

You will be taught all the basics of flyboarding, such as take-off, landing, elevation control, turning and hovering. Perfect for water lovers, thrill seekers and all the lads sick of the usual stag do activities!

But, one of our most unusual water based stag do activities would have to be River Bugging. Straight out of New Zealand, River Buggies is the latest craze to hit the shores of Edinburgh, they are a one-man raft that looks not dissimilar to an armchair.

You don't have to rely on anyone else in the boat, and you don't have to mess about with oars because your feet and arms and rapids do all the work. River bugging takes place on whitewater rapids, so this is an adrenaline stag do activity that won't leave anyone disappointed.

For the truly bizarre and unusual stag do activities

Regular driving experiences, zombies and bizarre watersports not unusual enough for you?

Now your new ride can be a motorised bathtub instead, will that do it for you?

Quite possibly the most ridiculous stag do activity around, which is why we love it.

Although not perfectly streamlined for minimum wind resistance, a terrible torque-weight ratio and atrocious handling, these little runarounds can pack a punch on the racetrack and are as unusual as it gets for a stag do activity.

If not bathtubs, try out shock football, where the players, and even the ref, are rigged up to electric shock machines. Two players from each of the teams will play umpire and have complete control over who gets shocked and when and why.

Otherwise, try out the Human Table Football for one of the most unusual versions of the sport we could find.

The 'small' & unusual stag do activity

Somewhere between a stag do activity and a stag do prank...

Either way, we love Dwarf Hire when it comes to a stag do. Regardless where you are in the world this is one addition no one will forget in a hurry!

If strippers aren't your friend's deal, but fun-sized drinking buddies are, Dwarf Hire for an hour will be just the thing for the groom-to-be!

Your petite pal will handcuff himself to the stag for the night...well not the entire not, usually just an hour but it will probably feel like an eternity for the stag because his new pal will go everywhere with him.

And we mean everywhere....

The anger management stag do activity

Get Destructive during your stag do!

As far as unusual goes, Car Smash is up there as one of the most unusual stag do activities on over...

Sort of like anger management, we can't recommend it enough, especially for the lads who've done everything before. Car Smash is totally unique, totally fun and totally perfect for a group of lads on a stag do.

In short, you'll get the chance to completely destroy a car. And, it's completely legal, you'll face no consequences!!

This is one of those activities that we are still surprised exists...

Man vs Dog is one of the most unusual, exciting and perhaps terrifying thing you can put the stag through during his stag do.

And it's pure joy for everyone watching!

Trust us, this is one stag do activity the stag is guaranteed not to forget.

This is unlike any other stag activity we offer and unless the stag has robbed a bank before, it's unlike anything he has ever experienced before.

The groom-to-be will be running for his life as a specially trained German Shepherd is released and set upon him. Trained to take people out and latch on until the victim gives in or the trainer gives the command to release, this is one event you're going to want to record and see again!

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