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The Best Shooting Activities For A Stag Party

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Give up the controls and get your hands on some serious weaponry during your stag do with a competitive and thrilling shooting activity. No more hiding behind a TV or computer screen, its the real deal for your stag weekend.

Since the dawn of time shooting activities have been a favourite pastime among men. Whether we are hunting, shooting a glass bottle in the bush or playing Call of Duty, there is no denying we like shooting stuff and shooting activities during a stag do is no exception.

Whether you fancy yourself as a Rambo, John McClane or John Wick, shooting activities are top choice if you want some competition and plenty of firepower during your stag weekend.

Maximise offers a range of different shooting activities from pistols, rifles and shotguns to machines guns and AK-47s. Regardless of what you and the lads get your hands on, our shooting activities will find out once and for all who has the best aim and is the best shot.

Check out below all the different stag do destinations Maximise can offer an epic shooting session in.

Shooting Activities in Krakow

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Krakow is packed to the brim with top quality shooting activities. Thanks to Poland's relaxed gun laws, Krakow offers ome of the best shooting activities for a stag do.

While you can't carry on a gun on you, if you're in a controlled environment you can spray your weight in bullets!

We have a huge 5 different stag do shooting activities in Krakow, but our top pick is the Fully-Loaded Shooting. package. Each one of the lads will get to use a Glock, Kalashnikov, Uzi, M4 12 gauge Shotgun and then choose between an AR15 or a .357 Magnum.

Our other shooting activities in Krakow include the AK-47 & Pistol Shooting, AK-47 & Shotgun Shooting, US Army Shooting, and Quick Response Shooting packages.

Plan your Krakow Stag Do!

Shooting Activities in Prague

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If shooting activities are what you're after, Prague is another top destination for your stag do. All our shooting activities in Prague come with roundtrip transfers and an English-speaking guide to accompany you.

The most popular shooting package in Prague is the Pistol & Rifle Shooting activity. You and the guys get to test 4 different weapons with 55 rounds between them. The guns on offer are a CZ75 Kadet .22 LR, Glock 17, AR15 and a Scorpion EVO. Just don't spray all the bullets away on the first few goes!

Also available in Prague is the Extreme Shooting, AK-47 Budget Shooting and AK-47 & Shotgun Shooting activities

Plan your Prague Stag Do!

Best Budapest Shooting Activities

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Similar to Prague, Budapest has a great selection of shooting activities, vibrant nightlife and adrenaline-packed stag activities.

Being a top stag do destination, you'll find several shooting activities available in Budapest and one of the best is the Red Scorpion Shooting Package. You and the boys will use an AK-47 and a selection of Soviet firearms, including an automatic rifle, machine gun and pistol.

some of the other shooting activities in Budapest include the standard AK-47 Shooting, Extreme Shooting and Clay Pigeon Shooting activities.

Plan your Budapest Stag Do!

Stag Shooting Activities in Bratislava

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Bratislava may not be as shooting mad as Prague, Krakow or Budapest, but the Slovakian capital focuses on quality, not quantity.

Our most popular shooting activity in Bratislava is the Scorpion & AK-47 Shooting. We'll sort you out with 40 bullets across the 2 weapons and you even get a round of beer. But obviously, not while you're shooting, you'll enjoy your beer after you've finished unleashing hell on the targets.

Other Bratislava shooting activities include Pistol Shooting and AK-47 Shooting packages. And if you want to shoot your mates, check out our Airsoft Battle. Just like paintball, minus the mess.

Plan your Bratislava Stag Do!

Other destinations for stag shooting activities

That's not all. While the 4 above destinations are the best for stag do shooting activities, there are plenty of other cities in Europe that are perfect for trigger happy stags.

Some of the other locations include Berlin, Bucharest, Gdansk, Kiev, Ljubljana, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius. Regardless of your ages, ability or stag destination, shooting activities have no boundaries and is always a crowd-pleaser. 

UK Shooting Activities for a Stag

Due to strict gun laws, it can be difficult to find shooting activities in the UK, especially ones where you don't require a gun licence.

Luckily for you, Maximise has some top options throughout the country.

They might not be as extreme as the shooting activities in Europe, but they are still guaranteed to get the stag do bang on target. 

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Assault Rifle Shooting Activities for Stag Parties

There aren't too many venues in the UK where you can get away with this!

With the Assault Rifle Shooting Activity, you and the lads will get a full 2 hours shooting time, or 50 bullets each. You can use a variety of .22 rifles, such as the famous MP5. We've all used it on CoD, and you gotta admit it's pretty damn great.

The Assault Rifle Shooting Activity is available in top UK stag do destinations such as Bournemouth and Bristol. 

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Stag Do Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clays are a great alternative to assault rifle shooting, especially if you want it to have a more competitive and sporty feel. If you are sick of the paint and Airsoft but love to shoot things, this will be a top activity for your stag weekend.

You won't struggle to find a clay pigeon shooting venue either. The activity is on offer in every stag do destination in the UK, as well as some of our abroad destinations.

Crossbow Shooting, UK Stag Do Ideas, UK Stag Do Activities, Reading Crossbow Shooting, Newcastle Crossbow Shooting

Crossbow Shooting for a Stag Do

It isn't a firearm, but it has a trigger and makes us happy, so Crossbow Shooting has to make the cut of top shooting activities. It's available in a number of our UK destinations and you won't spray away the entire clip in a few seconds. 

Let's just be clear on one thing, you're shooting targets, not walkers.

A couple top venues for the Crossbow Shooting Activity are in Reading and Newcastle.

Europe or UK?

You've seen the best both Europe and the UK have to offer, so now it's time to decide where to go! 

If you're planning on going abroad, we recommend using Skyscanner to check the flight prices with the low-cost airlines. 

Once you've found flights, give our team a call on 0208 236 0111 and they can help you find the right package for you! Alternatively, if you're short on ideas, you can send off a Quick Enquiry by hitting the button below.

Also, did you know we're the only UK based stag company to have our own team on the ground in all of our Eastern European destinations? It gives us more control, meaning better prices for you, and a better service too.

Plan your Stag Do today!