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How to plan the ultimate football-themed stag do

If you're stuck on ideas for your mate's stag do, why not organise some top football-themed stag do activities.

Easy, always a blast and an absolute crowd-pleaser, this mix of activities will be a great addition to any stag do. From whacky renditions to classic favourites, these stag do activities are perfect for a football-themed stag do.  

Bubble Football

One of the best stag do activities to come out of the past decade, Bubble Football is always a top pick for a football-themed stag do.

While the same rules of 5-a-Side apply, this is certainly not your usual kick-a-about. Skill, coordination and balance all go out the window when you've got your torso and arms encased inside a giant zorb.

You won't need to worry slide tackles in this game, but tackles certainly come in from every direction sending everybody flying. Bubble Football is unique and most importantly, it's hilariously competitive and fun. All great things when it comes to a stag do.

Another great thing about Bubble Football is that it's available in most of our stag do destination, so regardless of where you are having your football-themed stag do, chances are you'll be able to enjoy this activity. 


Regardless of your own skills or what team you bat for, you can't go wrong with having a kick about on your stag do.

One of our favourite stag do activities, 5-A-Side ticks all the boxes for a football-themed stag do.

Classic hangover cure and overall great fun, a game of footie with the lads is also the perfect excuse to force the losing team to shout the next round of beers!

We love some healthy competition and some good banter when it comes to a stag do. And, while playing footie against each other is the perfect opportunity for both, in some stag do destinations you can play as a team and go against a local team instead. Stag vs Locals is another top activity for a football-themed stag do.


Part football, part golf and completely unique, Footgolf is one of the latest crazes to take the stag do circuit by storm.

No need to be particularly skilled in either sport to have a great time with this stag do activity. Once again the usual skills go to sh*t, making this a hilarious addition to a football-themed stag do.

Tee off, or perhaps you kick-off? We aren't really sure of the Footgolf terminology just yet, but you start by kicking your football as far down the fairway as you can.

Just like golf, the idea is to get your ball in the hole in the fewest kicks possible. So, hammering the ball won't work every time!

Of course, everything has been adjusted to size, you won't be attempting to land a football in a golf hole.

If you love football but want to try something new during your stag weekend, Footgolf is a top stag do activity for you to try. 

Stadium Tours

From Liverpool's famous Anfield Stadium to the equally famous Ajax Stadium in Amsterdam, a Stadium tour can be a great addition to a football-mad stag party.

Go behind the scenes, check out the locker rooms, media room and much more during these stag-friendly stadium tours. There will be plenty of photo opportunities, as well as the chance to see trophy rooms and learn about the history of the clubs and stadiums.

And, if you prefer to see a stadium once it's full of spectators and there is a game to watch, we can organise that too. From seeing Barcelona FC live and in action to Ajax Match Day Tickets, Maximise can get you seats to a footie game during your stag do.

Shock Football

It's going to be a real shocker....but in the best kind of way!

This will be brutal, but brilliant.

Another twist on the standard 5-A-Side game where the players, and even the ref, are rigged up to electric shock machines.

Two players from each of the teams will play umpire and have complete control over who gets shocked. The rule book doesn't come in to play the umpires decide when and why to shock someone, based-off whatever they want.

You’ll all get a go at being in charge of the shock controls… so you’ll all get a chance to get even with whoever gets a bit trigger happy.

A coordinator will be on hand to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible, guide you through various games, declare the victors and probably make sure nothing gets too out of hand...or too electric.

A great twist on the game we all know and love, Shock Football is another top activity for a football-themed stag do.


In something that somewhat resembles football, you and the lads will take part in a hysterical game when you try Footdarts on your stag do.

Football has already met zorbs, an electric shock system, and plenty more, but now the time has come for football to meet a giant inflatable dartboard.

Yes, it's truly bizarre, truly hilarious, truly fun and a truly perfect activity for your stag do. Especially a football-themed stag weekend.

Even those who couldn't hit a barn door would struggle to miss this board! Football meets darts or Aguero meets Van Gerwen in this hilarious stag do activity. You'll play 301, Black & Red, The Bullseye Challenge and Around the World to win bragging rights for the weekend! 

Human Table Football

A life-sized version of the classic table football game for your stag do.

While you won't be getting flipped around on metal bars by players, you will be strapped in and only able to move slightly from side to side. Of course, you'll also be able to kickball, but it's limited motion making Human Table Football another unique and hilarious stag do activity.

Once you're harnessed into position, you'll only be able to move left and right - so teamwork is key!

Human Table Football is a 5-a-Side full of action - so watch out for those red cards!

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