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Now its time to kick some Zombie Ass on your Stag Do

Have you got what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Here you can prove it!

Is it just us or has anyone else noticed the growing trend of UK Zombie Experiences lately? You have... otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Ever since the first few popped up, their popularity has sky-rocketed. They keep springing up all over the place, from abandoned schools, to tunnels, to old factories and dilapidated hospitals, they're everywhere! We have a couple great ones in Liverpool, and plenty more throughout the country.

Although the zombie apocalypse is not coming, these zombie experiences have proved scarily popular on the stag do circuit and we can't get enough of them either!

Here are some of the best spine-tingling Zombie Experiences:

The Black Site Liverpool

Zombie Experience Liverpool, Zombie Experience UK, Stag Do Zombie

Located in Wirral, the Black Site Zombie Experience is perhaps the best one of the lot. You and the lads will be attempting to rescue potential survivors in this former military site.

The group have received a single SOS message, coming from inside the site, so you must go in and try to find anyone alive! However, the most important part of all is to get yourselves out unharmed.

Balls of Steel Sheffield

Zombie Experience Sheffield, Zombie Experience UK, Zombie Survival Day

Held in an abandoned factory, the Balls of Steel Zombie Experience is terrifying. You'll need your very own balls of steel!

The factory is huge so there is plenty of places for your to hide from the Zombies. But hiding isn't the goal, the goal is to get out alive! Not just that, you and the guys will be sent inside to rescue and potential survivors, and to clear out the hoard of the undead!

The Courthouse Birmingham

Photo Credit: zombieexperiences.co.uk

Recently changed from our old Terror in the Tunnels Zombie Experience, The Courthouse is another top choice. The activity is based in a spooky 1700s Courthouse, where you will be fighting alongside a group of post-apocalyptic rebels! 

This experience is different in the sense you fight against bad guys, as well as Zombies. There are mental challenges and puzzles to solve, so those without a good trigger finger are still a valuable part of the team. To top it off, this venue won a 2018 award for Best Zombie Experience.

The Bunker London

Zombie Experience UK, Zombie Experience London, Bunker Zombie London Photo Credit: zombieexperiences.co.uk

You didn't think we'd leave out the capital, did you?

Well, London has one of the best Zombie Experiences of all, and it's held in a former nuclear bunker. 

The government has mixed the deadly rabies with the super contagious common flu, and has created a zombifying disease in the process. Your job is to enter the bunker and complete all your zombie training so you can tackle the undead foes head on!

Will you stop the outbreak?

A great alternative to The Bunker Zombie Experience is the Zombie Escape Room.

The InSanitorium Liverpool

Zombie Experiences Liverpool, Zombie Experiences UK, Zombie Survival Photo Credit: properpresents.co.uk

And back to Liverpool...

What horrors could lie beyond the doors of an old mental asylum? Something properly mental...

For years, the rumours of clinical trials, drug abuse and abuse towards inmates were rife, and it seems as though there was some truth to it. On top of that, this former government research facility seems to have started a deadly infection, one that turns people into the undead!

You need to head into the InSanitorium and find the cure, and whatever remains of the deranged inmates that were here before.

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So... do you have what it takes?

Well, you won't know until you find out! We have Zombie Experiences in plenty of other UK locations, and even if they're not on our website, we're sure we could find one in your chosen destination.