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Top Adrenaline-Pumping Stag Do Activities

Need to organise the ultimate adrenaline-pumping stag party activity that will impress the lads and more importantly the groom-to-be?

Don’t just sit in the pub all day, do something crazy, breathtaking and unforgettable, something you will still be talking about by the time the silver wedding anniversary rolls around.

You are certainly going to be on the edge of your seat, breaking out in a sweat and close to tears with these adrenaline-junkie stag party activities.

But you'll also seriously enjoy them... 

Stag Do Canyoning

An adrenaline-pumping blend of climbing, walking, jumping, abseiling and swimming, and all done in a spectacular setting near the coastline or large rivers. Canyoning is a guaranteed winner with stag do groups, especially if they are the outdoors type.

The idea is to descend down the canyon using whatever means possible. All the protective gear is provided, and of course, you will be accompanied by a trained instructor.

Canyoning is available in Algarve, valencia, Split, Marbella, Nice, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Ljubljana, Manchester and Liverpool. 

The classic Stag Do Bungee Jump

It's one that's probably on the bucket list and something people always say they'll do 'one day'. So, make that day happen during the stag do. Bungee Jumping is an that never disappoints in stag do carnage!

Yes, it's time for the groom-to-be to have his life flash before his eyes as a rite of passage before he enters into the world of Holy Matrimony. Depending on the location you will be doing kamikaze jumps off a crane location or a bridge location. And, depending on your location, you can all take the dive or just throw the stag out of the plane.

Either way, Bungee Jumping will ensure the stag and all the lads are pumped for the night ahead and the stag will be a sure-fire winner!

For something a little different, you could also try the Bridge Swinge, which is available in Bratislava. Unlike in Bungee Jumping, where you plummet towards the earth and shoot back up. In Bridge Swinging you experience a pendulum style movement, swinging back and forth under the bridge. Of course, you have to jump off the bridge to start with!

Bungee Jumping is available in Hamburg, Split, Krakow, Madrid, Munich, Riga, Edinburgh, Gdansk, Ljubljana, Hvar, Ibiza, Prague, Warsaw, Glasgow, Sofia, Bratislava and Paris. 

And, if you love the idea of Bungee Jumping, but also love the idea of a solid stag party prank, then there is the Fake Bungee Jump in Sofia, which is guaranteed to an absolute laugh.

Petal to the Metal Action

If you feel the need for speed and want to get a taste of the real Fast and The Furious then this one is for you!

It might be off the beaten track, but a Rally Car Experience is certainly a turn in the right direction. So, head out to a dusty off-road track for an incredible driving experience that’ll see you putting the pedal to the metal in a Nascar style race with your mates. Guaranteed to be thrilling, adrenalin-pumping and ridiculously fast!

You'll learn all the classic off-road racing manoeuvres like hand braking and cross steering as you get expert instruction from a seasoned rally car driver.

Two of the best Rally Car Experiences can be found in Tallinn and Bucharest.

White Water Rafting

If River Bugging is not for you but the idea of manoeuvring through white rapids are, opt for White Water Rafting instead.

A brilliant group activity. Make no mistake, this can be dangerous. And the challenge of negotiating the white water, while all staying in the raft, really pulls everyone to work together as a team. Which can be a challenge on its own.

But after that, team tactics for the evening will be a cinch. It's bound to get you all off to a flying start for the weekend - after a day's rafting, a well planned night can't fail to impress.

Maximise has White Water Rafting available in Glasgow, Cardiff, Chester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Krakow, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Munich and Newcastle.


Rally Cars are good, but this is a TANK!!!

You might have gone Karting a hundred times before, but absolutely nothing compares to the insanity or adrenaline-pumping action of driving a tank.

Whether you are driving or just riding in the tank, it will be the ride of your life. Seriously don't go past a Tank Driving activity for you or your mate's stag do.

If regular driving activities don't cut it for you, a Tank Driving activity will be everything you want and then some. Playing video games doesn't count and unless the stag is a military man there is very little chance he's had the opportunity to drive a tank before. So, don't let him miss out on this amazing opportunity to take control of a mammoth war machine during his stag do. This is the real thing, it doesn't get much more extreme than this!

Man vs Dog

It might only be for the Stag, but this Man vs Dog activity is absolutely CRAZY...

It's also one of the most exciting and terrifying things you can put the stag through during his stag do and it's pure joy for the rest of you to be able to watch.

So, make sure the phones are charged and the cameras working for this one lads!

Man vs Dog is unlike any other stag activity we offer and unless the stag has robbed a bank before, it's unlike anything he has ever experienced. Although, if he has ever been attacked by a dog or legitimately has a phobia of them, this might not be a great idea for him...

The groom-to-be will be running for his life as a specially trained German Shepherd is released and set upon him. Trained to take people out and latch on until the victim gives in or the trainer gives the command to release, this is one event you're going to want to record and see again!

If you and the lads would love to stitch-up the stag while giving him an equally amazing experience and an adrenaline rush like no other, don't go past this Man vs Dog for his stag weekend.

Tandem Sky Dive...only for the true thrill seekers!

Go big or go home!

Perhaps the most adrenaline-pumping stag do activity around and definitely one for the bucket list, just throw yourselves out of a plane to celebrate your mate's last few hours of unmarries life...

You and the lads will take turns plummeting towards the earth at up to 200mph, it's certain to make the big day seem less daunting!

You know it’s going to be a seriously thrill-seeking and slightly death-defying stag do activity when you’re all asked to sign a waiver beforehand....you know, for just in case.

Whether it's one of these activities or something different, leave the boring and expected behind and do something that will border on insane for the ultimate stag do madness and memories. 

Maximise can sort you out with a Tandem Skydiving in Hvar, Rome, Las Vegas, Warsaw, Budapest, Krakow, Bucarest, Zagreb and Warsaw.

Whether you book one of these thrill-seeking activities or something else, either way, leave the boring and expected behind and do something that will border on insane for the ultimate stag do madness and memories.

For more stag do activities, ideas, nightlife options, accommodation options and more, head over to our main page or give our team a call on 0208 236 0111.