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6 reasons to go to Prague on a Stag Do

There is nothing a Prague stag do can't provide. If it's 48 hours of total stag madness, cheap beer, incredible women and nightlife that's in another dimension that you're after, Prague is the only city worth your attention.

You might have thought Budapest and Amsterdam were wild, but Prague is one destination that ticks every box for an incredible stag do abroad.

It might have an identity crisis being referred to as The City of a Hundred Spires as well as the Mother of Cities and The Golden City, but to us, it's very clear because Prague is clearly the capital of stag dos!

Here just 6 of the many reasons to go to Prague on a stag do.

1. Beer

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This list simply can't start with anything other than beer. And for good reason too, because not only does Prague have the best beer in the world but it's also ridiculously cheap. So cheap, it's cheaper than water!

And, that means you and the lads can basically drown yourselves in the stuff during the stag do. 

With pints only costing you just a little over a pound, it's no wonder Prague is a top stag do destination and why we’ve had groups flocking there for years.

Don't just leave the boozing until the evening, be sure to get aquainted with Prague's famed ale during the day with a beer tasting session as well. 

But if you rather get out an explore Prague during the day, do with a pint in hand on the ever-so-popular beer bike

2.Cheap as chips!

Beer is not only thing thats ridiculously cheap in prague, the whole city is inexpensice and will provide you and the lads with an epic weekend without having to folk out a fortune.

If you are in the market for some seriously wild nights, beautiful women, delicious food and great beer to wash it down with, Prague is the affordable city you need to head to for your stag do.

You can grab a return flight for as little as £50 with enough planning and accommodation, food and activities are about a third of what you would pay for in citis like Budapest or Amsterdam.

So, you might not actuallt 'make it rain' during your stag do, but you'll definitely feel like you've got enough cash to do so. Especially if you head to some of those famed strip clubs!  

3. The Nightlife

Beer is just one of the many things that can't be missed when it comes to a stag weekend in Prague, the other is its famed nightlife!

But seeing as you'll be drinking plenty of the stuff, it's worth knowing the Czechs measure beer differently to how we do. While we use percentages, these guys go off degrees, so a 10-degree beer is 4.5% and 12 degrees is 6.5%.

As for the nightlife itself, be prepared for some massive nights and wild parties like you've never seen before. This city also doesn't hold back when it comes to variety, you'll find everything from traditional beer halls, rooftop bars and historic pubs to aviation-themed bars and mega 5-storey pubs in the heart of the Old Town.

Prague's nightlife also boasts techno clubs, Rock n' Roll venues, laid-back bars, boat parties, retro clubs and more.

Along with the Old Town and Mala Strana, the other nightlife areas include Vinohrady, Holešovice and Smichov. And then there are the areas of Wenceslas Square and around the Charles Bridge. Between the two you'll find everything you need for a top night out.

Located in the New Town, Wenceslas Square is the hub of Prague's nightlife where along with top restaurants and watering holes, you'll find Prague’s best strip clubs including Darling Cabaret and Hot Peppers. Nearby you'll also find Captain Nemo.

As for clubs, we work with some of the best including Roxy, Club One and Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar and Duplex. Of course, some of the most famous clubs are Karlovy Lazne and M1 Lounge Bar & Club.

From great clubs to awesome bar crawls Maximise can organise a night out to remember during your stag do. 

4. The Locals

Let's face it, us Brit's don't have the best reputation when it comes to partying abroad. That said, the locals are still a friendly bunch so long as you treat them well and aren't a total tool.

But the local pub owner and waiter are not exactly the locals we are referring to. No, no. We are referring to all the hot lasses that call Prague home!

Two most important prenuptial celebration essentials would undoubtedly have to be stag weekends and sexy women. And, this is something Prague well and truly understands. From those red hot strip clubs, the sexy wake-up or sexy pizza delivery to partying on a boat with a stripper or in a limo, eating sushi off a naked woman or getting down and dirty with lesbian strippers in the Jelly Wrestling activity, Prague is one city where the local women are certainly not shy and know how to show a stag party an unforgettable time. 

5. Activitis, activities and more stag party activities

Prague has more stag party ideas and activities than you could fit into one weekend.  But with that said, you can pack alot of madness into 48 hours!

Having a more laid-back approad to gun laxs and shootiong ranges, getting your hands on some seriously powerful guns is a hard YES and must do. Maximise can offer everything from  AK-47's to Pistols & Rifles or a mix of five weapons. Either way, whatever you and the lads want to get your hands on, Prague has a shooting activity for your stag do.

Other popular stag do activities include Beer Bike, Karting, Tank Driving (one of our favs), River Cruise with a Lesbian Strip Show, Paintball, Car Smash, Dog Chase, and Sexy Wake-Up - just to name a few!

In short, it's impossible to have a bad time in prague or find yourselves bored with nothing to do. 

6. The ease...

No one likes a difficult city.

And it's safe to say, Prague is far from a hard city to visit. From short flighs, a great city centre to accommodating locals and fantastic public transport, Prague is not just a great city to visit but it's also easy and carefree. Somthing you want when it comes to a stag do.

As we said, the locals are easy going and getting there couldn't be any easier or more affordable. If you are travelling from London, for fifty pounds and about three hours, you can be in this hedonist city and on an epic stag do.

And once there, getting around is also a breeze. From the airport, Maximise can arrange your transfers to your accommodation and the same goes for your activities. But, if you want to get out and explore the city, public transport is easy to navigate and super affordable.

A 24-hour metro ticket will set you back about 110 CZK (£3. and you can get to pretty much everywhere in the city. The three metro lines, Line A (green), Line B (yellow) and Line C (Red) consist of 57 metro stations.

So there you have 6 reasons to go to Prague on a stag do. If you need any more convincing, give us a call on 0208 236 0111 or check out the rest of our great stag party ideas, pranks and activities in Prague.

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