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The best Strip Clubs for an Antwerp Stag Do

Strip Club Antwerp, Lap Club Antwerp, Stag Do Lap Strip, Stag Do Antwerp, Stag Lap Club Antwerp, Stag Strip Club Antwerp Photo Credit: www.myoo.be

New to the Stag Do scene and hidden away from plain sight, Antwerp is rapidly becoming a stag do favourite. A big reason for this is the Strip Clubs, and we're here to show you the best ones in the city.

The major harbour and international diamond trading centre has long brought people to Antwerp, and many of them are needed some entertainment. 

It isn't just the diamonds that are sparkling, the Lap Clubs are a shining light on Antwerp stag do's.

Top 5 Strip Clubs for an Antwerp Stag Do:

Amnesia Nightclub

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Based right in the centre of Antwerp and very close to the central station, Amnesia Nightclub is easy to get to and a great hangout spot for lads on a stag do.

There are new dancers very often, and they're simply stunning!

Amnesia is such a top club that even the locals turn up in numbers. They were born here, we'll take their word for it!

The High Class Dorsia Club

Dorsia club Strip, Stag Do Antwerp, Dorsia Stag Antwerp, Stag Do Activities Antwerp, Stag Do Ideas Belgium, Stag Do Strip Club Antwerp, Lap Club Antwerp Credit Photo: www.dorsiaclub.be

Dorsia Club is a club of a higher standard. The stylish design and unique, relaxed atmosphere gives it a different vibe, and one you'll want to experience.

The chilled out nature makes Dorsia a venue that's better for older guys, or just those who don't mind being a little less rowdy. You can even get stag do parties available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

Dorsia's motto is an 'absolute must for any groom-to-be. The one last night of Freedom', and we fully support that!

Club Myoo on the Schipperskwartier

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A Strip Club located right on the Antwerp Red Lights District (Schipperskwartier), Club Myoo is another fine choice for a stag do. We can get you guys in, for free!

You can pay for extras like dancers and VIP packages, and with the beauty they posses we know you'll want to.

Myoo Lap Club also has a live DJ, so it's an ideal place to go after a Bar Crawl.

Plan your Antwerp Stag Do!

Club 't Hazepad during the Antwerp stag do

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A Lap Club that's been going strong for over 20 years, Club 't Hazepad is a veteran of the strip club scene. 

It's a favourite for the locals and has a loyal customer base, so they've been proving their quality for years and we share the same view.

With £3 beers and cocktails for as little as £9, Club 't Hazepad is well priced in comparison with some of Antwerp's other venues.

A VIP Night in the XS Gentlemens Club

Antwerp Strip Club, Antwerp Lap Club, Best strip clubs in Antwerp, Antwerp Stag Do Photo Credit: stripclubguide.com

A Strip Club that's a little different to the others mentioned, the XS Gentlemen's Club is a private Strip Club so you won't be packed in like sardines!

You can get a range of drinks from the female hostesses, and there is a pool room, VIP area and bedrooms too. Remember, a certain something is legal in Antwerp...

During the day be sure to check out some of the amazing stag activities on offer. Plus, being in Antwerp there is no shortage of beer so why not head out for a Beer Tasting Session.

If you want this to be an unforgettable time let Maximise organise your Antwerp Stag Do. We have so much on offer, both activities & nightlife.