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The Ultimate Guide to planning a Stag Do Abroad

Planning an entire stag weekend can be stressful, especially when trying to organise a stag do abroad. But, it doesn't have to be.

If you follow a few easy steps, Maximise can guarantee your mate will have a memorable and amazing stag do abroad.

While it's a British Tradition, the stag do has grown from its humble beginnings when you typically just head down to the local for a few pints. These days the stag do is a full weekend of drinking and celebrating paired with some top stag activities and shenanigans.

And, with cheap booze, affordable flights and insane nightlife, there has never been a better time to head abroad for the stag do.

Sure, there is a little bit of planning that's involved, but that's what we are for. These days a stag do in Budapest is just as easy and affordable as a stag do in Brighton.

Don't believe us?

It's all to do with planning. Follow this guide and you'll see how easy it is to organise an abroad stag do. 

Make a plan and be organised

Rule number one is to plan well in advance. 

The sooner you set a date, the better. Not only are you likely to get a better deal on flights and accommodation, but it gives everyone enough time to organise their lives and know their availability, which means you can finalise the guest list. 

Depending on how much time you have from when the stag popped the question to when the big day is, it's not uncommon for us to see stag weekends booked 6-months to 18-months in advance. You'd be surprised how quickly time can get away from you, so we always recommend getting everything locked-in early when it comes to organising an abroad stag do.

Keep everyone in the loop

Communication is also key, both with the group and with the stag. Sure, you don't want the stag organising his own stag do, but you do want his input on style, perhaps the destination and any other ideas he may have.

As for the group, get everyone acquainted with one another. Whether it's texting, emailing, Facebook, WhatsApp or some other network, get everything talking about the stag weekend together.

With so many social media networks and messaging platforms, keeping in touch has never been easier, so be sure to keep everyone in the loop and the discussions going. 

Money Talk

Set a budget and make it clear early. It's a big part of organising a stag do and something that needs to be discussed openly.

Find out how much everyone is prepared to spend to avoid any unrealistic ideas, destinations, or worse, any dropouts.

Next, it's time to finalise all the details and book your stag do.

Location, Location, Location

From Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam and Warsaw to Barcelona, Benidorm, Lisbon and Madrid, the possibilities are endless if you want to take the stag do abroad.

Whether you are after insane nightlife, action-packed activities, beach getaways or the best strip clubs in the world, Europe certainly serves up something extra special for stag parties.

There certainly is plenty of choice, so narrowing down the search is also key when organising an abroad stag do.

Take a look at our Top 10 Stag Do Destinations in Europe for some inspiration if you need some help deciding on a destination.

Activities and Pranks

Along with plenty of booze and boobs, activities and pranks are two things that every stag do needs.

Yes, a huge part of planning a successful stag do is having epic and memorable stag do activities. While in almost every destination you can get classics like paintball and karting, things can get a lot bigger and better abroad.

From AK47 Shooting packages or Tank Driving to a Booze Cruise, Beer Bike or Car Smash, the stag do activities that are on offer in Europe are in a realm of their own.

The stag do activities you choose will obviously depend on your location and what you are after. Are you after something extreme, action-packed, bizarre, boozy or relaxing?

Either way, don't be boring when it comes to picking your stag do activities. It's a stag do after all, so things should be exciting, new, adrenaline-pumping and totally different from what you normally do.

As for pranks and humiliating the stag, this should just go without saying. It's your mate's final hurrah, a little or a lot of humiliation is necessary.

Airport pranks are always a hit, from a giant boarding pass to strapping a dildo on a water bottle, the airport is a prime location for pranking the stag.

During the stag do, strippers are our favourite kind of stag do prank. Whether it's a granny, fat stripper, drag queen or even a dwarf, there is nothing like building up the stripper expectations only to see the stag's face when he receives a lap dance from someone that does not live up to his expectations.

Other great stag do pranks include a fake bungee jump, stag arrest and humiliating costumes. The list goes on, for more ideas, take a look at our post on the best stag do pranks. 

The S Word!


Since the dawn of time, strippers and stag parties have been a perfect pair. And, whn it comes to a stag do abroad, they certainly add an extra special touch.

While we love them and while the lads will be keen, the stag might have a few objections. So, it's always worth seeing where the groom-to-be stands on the stripper subject.

If he and his soon-to-be missus is all for them, then it is a real treat heading abraod for the stag do. Whether it is suprise striptease in a limo, a sexy wake-up call, lesbian strippers, hiring-out a strip club or enjoying a cruise with a stripper, European ladies sure now how to provide top-quality entertainment.

Estern European destinations are always a top choice if you want to see some of the world's best strip clubs and strippers. Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Vilnius, Bucharest, Riga, Sofia and Tallinn are where you'll find some of the best stripper activities and strip clubs.

The little things can make a big difference

Yes, we've mentioned being organised and having good communication, but other little things can make a huge difference when planning an abroad stag do.

Number one would be arranging your transport from the airport to your accommodation. Let's face it, no one wants to cram into a bunch of cans or deal with public transport in a foreign country, especially after a long flight. Maximise arranged airport transfers in all our abroad stag do destinations. It's all on offer too, there is everything from a standard minibus to a limo, stretch hummer, party bus and even a Monster Truck in Kiev.

Arranging meals beforehand is also a time saver. No one wants to deal with reading reviews, searching for a restaurant or remembering to make a booking. And, when it comes to a large group of guys, we strongly recommend making a booking. It's not easy to get a table for 12+ people on the fly. All the meal options we sell are catered to stag parties, meaning they typically come with some drinks. Our meal deals can also come with a striptease, or club entry afterwards. Once again the options are endless, but these are one of those little things that can make a big difference during an abroad stag do.

Arranging some games to play or challenges to enjoy throughout the weekend are always a hit on any stag do. Abroad or not, take a look at our favourite drinkings games for your stag do.

Call the experts

The groom might already have an idea of what he wants to do on his last weekend as a single/free man, which might be the deciding factor on where you go, but ultimately the best way to organise a stag do abroad is the Maximise.

We have 20-years in the business, offices in Paris, Budapest and Bratislava. No one can organise an abroad stag do better than or cheaper than us.

Take a look at our abroad stag do destinations or give us a call on 0208 236 0111 to organise your airport transfers, accommodation, stag activities, nightlife, pranks and more. 

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