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Top 10 Stag Do Destinations in Europe

When it comes to best man duties, there is no greater task than organising a legendary stag do. Sure, you'll have some ceremonial duties and you'll probably want to write a killer speech. But, the stag do is an essential moment in the groom's life and certainly something you're going to want to get right.

The days of just heading down to the local for a few pints are well and truly over. These days the stag do is a full weekend of drinking and celebrating paired with some top stag activities. So, it's s safe to say a fair bit of planning is needed when it comes to organising a stag weekend.

One of the first thing's you'll need to decide when organising your mate's stag do is where you want to go. With cheap booze, affordable flights and insane nightlife, there has never been a better time to head abroad for the stag do than now.

Given the amount of choice there is, you're probably not going to be stuck for ideas. If anything, you might struggle to narrow down your search. So we've decided to help out a bit...

Here are the Top 10 Stag Do Destinations in Europe:

1. Budapest

If you’re Hungary for ridiculously cheap beer, quirky nightlife and some Hungarian hotties, you can't go wrong with a Budapest stag do.

Along with the famed Ruin Bars and Thermal Baths, Budapest is brimming with top clubs and some of the most popular stag do activities on offer.

Cost of a pint in Budapest: £1.32

Top Budapest stag do activities: Tank Driving, AK47 Shooting Package, Thermal Baths, Car Smash, Mud Wrestling and Private Cruise with Unlimited Drinks & Strip

Top Budapest nightlife activities: Ruin Bars Pub Crawl, Fake Arrest, Grand Daddy Limo , Budapest Spa Party, Crazy Night, Dwarf Hire, and Party Boat & Open Bar

2. Prague

Voted among the top three best stag do destinations in the world, you can't go wrong with a stag do in Prague. Not only does Prague have some of the best beer in Europe, but it also has some of the cheapest. It's just one of the many reasons the Czech capital is a top spot for some pre-wedding celebrating.

Along with cheap booze, you'll also find accommodation and meals are a fraction of the price of that in other European capitals.

When it comes to the quintessential stag do entertainment, there is no better city than Prague. Home to one of the biggest and best strip clubs in the world, there will be no shortage of strippers or sexy entertainment when it comes to a stag weekend in Prague.

There is nothing a Prague stag do can't provide. If you're looking for a weekend of total stag madness, cheap beer, incredible women and nightlife that's in another dimension, a Prague stag do is what you need.

Cost of a pint in Prague: £1.20

Top Prague tag do activities: River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks & Stripper, Sexy Wake-Up, Beer Bike, Beer Spa, AK-47 & Shotgun Shootin and Karting.

Top Prague nightlife activities: Steak & Strip Dinner, Dwarf Hire, Fake Arrest, Jelly Wrestling, Lesbo Show, VIP Club Entry & Bottles and Strip Club Entry.

3. Krakow

It might be Poland’s second-largest city, but Krakow is number one when it comes to a top stag weekend. Especially for those on a budget.

With more bars, strip clubs and clubs in its centre than any other city, Krakow is undoubtedly the party capital of Poland. Vodka lovers can also enjoy shots that are double the size, double the strength and half the price.

One of the hottest destinations for a stag do in Europe, Krakow is perfect for cheap booze and big parties.

Cost of a pint in Krakow: £1.60
Top Krakow tag do activities: Paintball, Karting, AK-47 & Shotgun Shooting, Man vs Dog and a Booze Cruise Top Krakow nightlife activities: Steak & Strip Dinner, Body Sushi, Club, Table & Bottles Package, Crazy Night and a Hummer City Tour with a Stripper.

4. Bratislava

Another European capital that's affordable, has great stag do activities and insane nightlife. Bratislava was made for stag parties.

While the city itself is picturesque and charming, the real beauty our stag parties go for is all the Slovak stunners. If you want strippers upon strippers during your stag do, you can't go wrong with Eastern Europe, especially Bratislava.

Similar to Prague and Budapest, the Slovak capital is brimming with hundreds of bars and clubs serving up cheap local beer. You can expect to pay about £1 for a pint, so you don't need to worry about breaking the budget when it comes to a stag do in Bratislava.

For a stag do full of pure manliness, action-packed activities and never-before experiences, head to Bratislava.

Cost of a pint in Bratislava £1
Top Bratislava stag do activities: Armoured Ride & Car Smash, Airport & Strip Transfers, Extreme Shooting Package, Danube Cruise & Striptease, Paintball and Outdoor Karting
Top Bratislava stag do activities at night: Bar Crawl with Unlimited Drinks & Club Combo, Evening Cruise, Steak & Strip Dinner, Body Sushi and a Lesbo Show

5. Barcelona

The perfect combination of beaches, bars, and brilliant weather, Barcelona is the Khe King of the summer stag do.

With year-round sun and average summer temperatures of 28°, Barcelona is one of the hottest stag do destinations. Home to one of the best teams in the world, Barcelona is also a great stag do destination if you are a footy fan. We can sort your stag party out with FC Barcelona match tickets or a Camp Nou Stadium tour.

From action-packed days to unforgettable nights, Barcelona is a top location that has everything you could want for a stag do and then some.

Cost of a pint in Barcelona: £2
Top Barcelona stag do activities: BBQ Party Boat, Beer Bike, Bubble Football, Parasailing, Flyboard, Indoor Karting, Private Boat Charter, Banana Boat
Top Barcelona stag do activities at night: Porno Show, FC Barcelona Tickets, Lesbian Strip Show, Bar Crawl & Club Entry, Club Entry with Table & Bottles and a Boat Party.

6. Lisbon

Boats, babes and big nights out are what you can expect from a Lisbon stag do.

Another city that screams summer stag party, Lisbon is blessed with 290 days of sunshine, top stag do activities, cheap beer and great nightlife.

While the Algarve was once Portugal’s main stag do destination, with plenty of low-cost flights, Lisbon is becoming increasingly popular for a lads getaway.

With average summer temperatures around 28°, you can't go wrong with a stag do in Lisbon. There are plenty of boat parties, seaside restaurants and incredible nightlife, ideal for stag parties.

If you book early enough in advance you can get return flights for £60-70 each!

Cost of a pint in Lisbon: £1.70

Top Lisbon stag do activities: Paintball, River Cruise & Strip, Paragliding, Beach Day, Catamaran Cruise and the Beer Bike

Top Lisbon stag do activities at night: Bar Crawl & Club Entry, Lesbian Striptease Show, VIP Dinner & Strip and VIP Club Entry with Table & Bottle

7. Benidorm

Putting it simply, Benidorm offers everything you could possibly want from a stag weekend—warm weather, award-winning beaches, bikini-clad women, cheap booze and world-famous nightlife.

With over 2,000 bars and clubs lining its streets, Benidorm is one big party resort that we Brits are no stranger to. With everything from boozy bar crawls and multi-level clubs to wild boat parties on offer, you can expect some massive nights when it comes to a Benidorm stag do.

Of course, being the vibrant resort that is is, there's also plenty of great stag do activities to keep you busy during the day too. All the classics like karting and paintball are there, but the real crème de la crème is the 5-hour Catamaran Party Cruise.

Cost of a pint in Lisbon: £1.70
Top Lisbon stag do activities: Catamaran Party Cruise, BBQ & Booze Afternoon
Top Lisbon stag do activities at night: Dwarf Hire, Lesbian Strip Show, Smashed Bar Crawl

8. Amsterdam

If the coffee shops and Red Lights District weren't enough to sell you on an Amsterdam stag do, the Eurostar has given the Dutch city another great way of attracting stag parties. With a direct train ride from London St Pancras to Amsterdam Centraal, it has never been easier or cheaper to get to Amsterdam for a stag weekend.

Known as the world's most opened-minded city, Amsterdam has a relaxed attitude to risqué activities, drugs, alcohol and pretty much everything. Amsterdam and stag parties have long been a match made in heaven.

However, the fun isn't limited to after-dark, there are top activities to enjoy during the day too including a canal cruise and the beer bike.

Cost of a pint in Amsterdam: £3-4
Top Amsterdam stag do activities: Beer Bike, Canal Cruise with Unlimited Beer, Private River Cruise & Strip, Ajax Match Day Tickets, Stag Arrest, Sexy Wake-Up and touring the Heineken Brewery
Top Amsterdam stag do activities at night: Live Sex Show, Red Light District Tour, Bar Crawl & Club Combo, Dinner & Strip, Club Entry, Hummer Limo Tour and Strip, Smurf Bar Crawl and Oil Wrestling.

9. Riga

If you're sick of all the usual stag do destinations, head to Riga for something different. Not only are you guaranteed to have an epic time, but the city is unspoiled by tourists and cheap without compromising on quality.

Set on the Baltic Sea, Riga is charming while also being vibrant and affordable. It's the perfect mix of old and new, but it's also a city that's consistently amazing all-year-round. Rain, hail, sun or shine, a Riga stag do is guaranteed to be insanely wild, fun and memorable.

Summer months will see you enjoying beer, beaches, babes and plenty of watersports. While winter months will see you warming up with sexy saunas, hitting the gun range or running for your life with Man vs Dog.

Whether the Riga stag do is in winter or summer, your weekend will be filled with cheap booze, beautiful women, amazing nightlife and epic and unique stag party activities.

Cost of a pint in Riga: £2 - £2.50
Top Riga stag do activities: AK-47 & Handgun Shooting, Sexy Sauna, Private Yacht with Stripper, AK-47, Sniper & Handgun Shooting, Beer Bike, Curling and Bobsledding
Top Riga stag do activities at night: Club VIP & Bottles, Strip Club, Night in Prison and Steak & Strip

10. Zagreb

When it comes to great value for money, Croatia is perfect for a weekend away, especially with a stag do in Zagreb.

While the picturesque Croatian capital might not be the first place you think of for a stag do, this up and coming party city has all the right makings of a great stag weekend.

When the sun goes down, the city is all about wild stag party nightlife, gorgeous women and cheap beer. The city has a huge selection of nightclubs, dance bars, pubs and live music venues ready to meet any budget or preference!

Cost of a pint in Croatia: £175 - £2
Top Croatia stag do activities: Whitewater Rafting, Paintball, Karting and Quad Bikes.
Top Croatia stag do activities at night: VIP Club Entry & Bottles, Casino Night and a Guided Bar Crawl & Club Entry

Other legendary stag do destinations include Tallinn, Tenerife, Sofia, Hamburg and Berlin. 

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