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Karting for my Benidorm Stag Do

Karting in Benidorm : Information

Itching for a bit of competition on your stag do in Benidorm, then this is just for you!

Get behind the wheel and burn some rubber during your stag weekend in Benidorm with our adrenaline-fuelled karting activity.

Karting has long been a favourite stag party activity and it's always a crowd pleaser. Karting is one of those activities that never gets old, regardless of how many times you've hit the tracks before.

Perfect for some banter and great at generating some healthy competition and forcing the loser to buy the next round, you can't go wrong with a karting session during your stag do in Benidorm.

The chance to be a little ridiculous and release the speed demon that's within you, without facing any infringements for driving recklessly or speeding. 


It's not common for you to find karting tracks in the middle of the town centre or by the beach, which is why maximise will sort you out with return transfers to and from the race track.

Once there, you'll be run through a quick safety briefing and explained to stag dos and the stag don'ts of the track and karts. Once you've collected your gear and you're all suited up, you'll get the chance to do a practice lap before the time trial start.

The time trials will determine the best drivers and who'll be going head to head and battling it out in the final race to be crowned champion!

Ok, so technically there is no crown, but the champ will receive a bottle of bubbly and a T-shirt. And we think free alcohol is far better than a crown, especially when it comes to a stag do in Benidorm. 


Some things are a classic and remain a classic for good reason...

Bringing all the action of Mario Kart (on Nintendo 64, of course), which we loved as kids, to real life, nothing beats some adrenaline and healthy competition to get you geared up for the night ahead. 

And nothing gets your blood-pumping as good as karting does. From the moment you see the green light until you cross the finish line, karting is a non-stop thrill ride and the perfect competition between mates on a stag do.

Speed, competition and something that never gets old or fails to impress - that's what makes karting a top stag party activity! 


The days are long and sunny in Benidorm, so you and the lads will still have plenty of time to enjoy the Beachfront Party or a number of Maximises top stag party activities during the afternoon before getting some delicious food and hitting up Benidorm's famed nightlife.

Keep the competitive nature going with either Bubble Football or Paintball, another two classics that guarantee to be a hit with the lads and the perfect after the Karting session.

With two hours of UNLIMITED DRINKS and an additional two free drinks after that, the Beachfront Party is a great way to spend the early evening and continue the celebrations. It's best to refuel and line the stomachs with either a Party Meal or Dinner with a Striptease before hitting up Benidorm's Nightlife on the Smashed Bar Crawl of a Private Guided Bar Crawl, which also included Club Entry and FREE SHOTS!

There are over 2000 bars in Benidorm, and not all of them are great, so a guided bar crawl is always recommended on the first night of your stag do and it's the best way to discover Benidorm's top watering holes during your stag weekend.


While some things go perfectly together, like salt and pepper or a stag weekend and plenty of booze, there are some things that really aren't a perfect match and being intoxicated while driving is one of them.

While you won't be slapped with a fine for driving or speeding during this karting session, the same rules do apply when it comes to getting behind the wheel after a few drinks and it's a big no. You can't be intoxicated if you want to enjoy this karting session during your stag weekend in Benidorm.

For that reason, Maximise suggest booking karting on the first day or in the morning before the mammoth amount of drinking kicks in. 

If you're undecided and want some more information on a Benidorm Stag Weekend, this Karting Session, upgrading to a karting session with a BBQ Lunch or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas. 

Karting in Benidorm : Includes

  • Karting warm-ups and time trials
  • Karting final for the best drivers
  • Winner gets a bottle of bubbly and a t-shirt
  • 30 minutes of drive time each
  • Activity transfers
  • Minimum of 8 people required for this activity
  • Think Karting will leave you a little hungry or thirsty, speak to our Sales Team about upgrading to a BBQ Lunch, which includes two beers each

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