Fake Arrest


Let the bachelor enjoy his lasts moments of freedom as he gets arrested by 'police officers' for being drunk and disorderly!

This option must be combined with the "Crazy Night" activities or "Resto + Strip" as a strip must be ongoing to justify the intervention of the "Hungarian police" (actors). Indeed, the actors will arrive disguised as police (in the strip-club or the restaurant) and will proceed a check of identity of all participants. 

Beforehand, you will need to assure that the groom does not have his ID on him, causing his "arrest" and his transfer to the police station to verify his identity. The police will carry on then in Budapest, blindfolded, without explaining the situation. 

After half an hour they will accompany him to a strip club (where you wait) and take away the blindfold to end his ordeal, with your laughter in the soundtrack. Followed by a lap dance, to get him back on his feet again.


  • Fake arrest for the bachelor by 'police officers' (real actors in disguise)
  • Tour of budapest with blindfold for groom
  • Stripclub entry
  • Lap dance for groom
  • Local guide

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