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Quidditch for my Newcastle Stag Do

Quidditch in Newcastle : Information

Muggles of the world rejoice, now you too can take part in the wizarding world of Quidditch on the stag do in Newcastle.

So you might not be literally flying around on broomsticks during the stag, but if your groom-to-be is a real Harry Potter lover, then there's no better stag party activity then Quidditch.

You'll get all your equipment like your quaffle, bludgers, Nimbus 2000 and even a golden snitch. Slight confession on the snitch, seen as we haven't figured out to make balls fly, it's more like a muggle running around the pitch in a golden morphsuit - which is equally disturbing and hysterical.

You'll also have hoops to score into and a referee to make sure none of you are casting spells on each other or cheating in the muggle way.

Weird, but in a totally wonderful way - it's certainly not an activity anyone is likely to have done before. 

Quidditch in Newcastle : Includes

  • 1 hour activity
  • Venue hire
  • All equipment
  • Referee
  • Minimum of 10 people required

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