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White Water Rafting for my Newcastle Stag Do

White Water Rafting in Newcastle : Information

Prepare to get wet and wild on your stag do in Newcastle with the ultimate stag do activity, White Water Rafting!

Boys, hold on tight!

You're going to be thrashing down some powerful currents on your Newcastle stag do. This white-knuckle thrill ride is an absolute must-do if you're looking for an adrenaline rush on your stag do.

With the help from our qualified instructors, you and your mates will learn how to manoeuvre through the white water, or how the white water manoeuvres you!

White Water Rafting in Newcastle : Includes

  • 2-hour event
  • Safety briefing
  • All safety equipment provided
  • Instructors
  • Maximum 6 people to a raft

White Water Rafting Newcastle for your stag weekend with stag Maximise

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