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Gaelic Football and Hurling for my Galway Stag Do


  • 1-hour event
  • Learn about and play both Gaelic Football and Hurling
  • Referees
  • All equipment
  • Field hire
  • Minimum 10 people

Gaelic Football and Hurling in Galway : Information

When in Ireland...

Do as the Irish do and learn some of the best and most bizarre sports the country has to offer, Gaelic Football and Hurling! 

Gaelic football is like the bizarre offspring of rugby and football. You can grab the ball with your hands, but supposedly the tackling is less full on. 

Hurling makes for absolutely amazing watching and nearly impossible playing unless you're one of the pros! 

You and the boys will be going down to the local ground where you'll be getting a quick rundown of the rules and history of both these sports. 

After you'll be getting down to business as you and the lads have a couple of matches, complete with refs, just to make sure things stay friendly.

15 people
2 Nights


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