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Chrysler Limo for the Malta Stag Do


  • Chrysler Limo
  • City Tour
  • 1 bottle of Sparkling Maltese Wine
  • Possibility of connecting your own music on board
  • 10 people maximum
  • Dropped off at a location of your choice ( Generally to dinner or the club)

Chrysler Limo in Malta : Information

Regardless of where you are, a  ride in a Chrysler Limo always has a place on a Stag Weekend!!

And besides, unless you or one of the lads are a celebrity or mega rich, or both, the chances are you aren't being chauffeured around in a Chrysler Limo on the daily!

But, a Stag Do is all about going big, living it up and doing things you wouldn't normally get the chance to do. And we can't think of a better activity that matches all that,  than treating yourselves to a cruise around this vibrant party island in a Chrysler Limo.

Of course, you have to celebrate the Stag Do in the ultimate style and get into the party spirits, so Maximise will also fix you up with a bottle of Sparkling Maltese Wine - enjoy! 

15 people
2 Nights


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