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Munich Stag Do

Home of Oktoberfest, Bierhalles, babes and plenty of beer. Munich is a dream stag do destination. 

15 people
2 Nights
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Being the home of Oktoberfest, Bierhalles and FC Bayern Munich makes Munich the perfect city for a stag do. Coupled with plenty of gorgeous girls and a Beer Culture to match, we know you'll be well taken care of on your Stag Do.

In fact, if there's one city in the world where Britain's drinking culture can be matched, it just has to be Munich.

Beer is on the menu all day from Beer Bikes to Brewery Tours in the day, to Beer Garden Pub Crawls and the legendary Oktoberfest in the evenings. Munich doesn't just stop at the beer, we also have plenty of Stag Do favourites as well, such as Paintball and Karting.

From camping at Oktoberfest, or Springfest, to pedalling around on a bar on wheels, Munich has a stag do package to suit every stag party. 

Let us get the celebrations off on the right, Bavarian foot with a ride around Munich on the famous Mini Beer Bike. Along with an English speaking guide, you and the guys will ride around Munich, enjoying all the sites and 5 litres of cold beer! Alternatively, for larger groups, we have a bigger Beer Bike, which includes 20 litres of beer.

Now you've had a drink and seen some sites its time to get the celebrations started! Head over to the top class City centre to one of the many local Breweries for a Tour and Tasting! Beer lovers beware, you'll never want to leave.

Staying with the Beer, Beer and more Beer theme. Take the party to the popular Biergartens, for (you've guessed it) some more world-class Beer. We know you won't be disappointed if you like the English Beer Garden you'll love the German Biergarten.

On the second day your should wake up the right way, the Sexy Wake Up way. Once you're all up, pop over to the Allianz Arena for a tour. Go behind the scenes of the phenomenal 75,000 seater stadium, including unlimited time in the club museum. What Stag Do would be complete in Munich without a visit to the Allianz? Its a must do activity for any Stag.

At night, take some time to enjoy some of the Germans guilty pleasures with VIP Strip Club Access. A stage show for the Stag is just one of the treats in store tonight.

The Night is where Munich comes into its own. As a German City, Munich has its fair share of Pubs, Bars and Clubs for you to visit. 

Start of by doing what Munich does best, beer! Take some time out of your evening by going to one of Munich's many Biergartens for a drink outside with your mates before the big night begins.

From here, take a short walk to one of the popular, centrally located nightclubs for our VIP Table & Bottles Package. A drink of two during the day will set you and your livers up nicely for a crazy night with your mates! There are plenty of clubs out here, so we can cater it to your interests. Music, group size and your budget are just some of the things we consider to put together the perfect Stag Do.

Looking to prank the Stag? If you're willing to deal with a crying, grown man, take a look at our House Running. You'll will be hanging 50 metres from the ground, strapped into a harness, while you attempt to descend a large building. Doesn't sound frightening at all, does it?

With some of the best beers in the world, you'd expect Munich to price their beer as such. You're wrong, beer in Munich is fantastically priced. A pint will set you back anywhere from £2.50 to £3.50, and when you consider the quality, its a great price.

Petrol Heads could attend the BMW museum. Unlike most museums in the UK, there is a fee to enter (around €10 per person) but you can enter the BMW Welt free of charge. There are tons of displays demonstrating how the autos work, how they're made and many other interesting features. The museum also has many more details exhibits, but these need to be paid for separately.

If you're planning on flying from a London airport you should get to Munich within 2 hours. The flights are amazing value, sometimes you can find return flights for around £50, depending on the time of year.

Looking for a Hangover Cure? If a Sexy Wake Up Stripper doesn't help, and a big breakfast is eaten in vain, take a walk down to the Englischer Gartens (English Gardens). It's a huge, public park in the city centre. There are many walkways, seating areas and a calm, chilled out atmosphere. Don't be surprised to see the occasional nude sunbather, its just the nude joggers you want to avoid...

15 people
2 Nights


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