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Outdoor Paintball for your Nottingham Stag Do


  • Camouflage, helmets and gloves
  • All gas, guns and other necessary equipment
  • State of the art paintball guns
  • An Instructor - Safety briefing and instructions
  • 100 paintballs, though you can buy more on site
  • Minimum of 6 people required for this activity

Outdoor Paintball in Nottingham : Information

Outdoor Paintball is the Stag Do mans best friend - and you're about to see why.

Our Outdoor Paintball is Nottingham really is top class, the forests around Nottingham are packed full of dense vegetation and has a plethora of trees to hide behind. Maybe you might even find Robin Hood?

This has to be one of the most popular stag weekend activities, especially if there is a large group of you and you're after an activity that will keep your mates entertained for the most part of the day.

Stick the camouflage on, load your gun and get with painting your pals in pain! We provide all the equipment you need, as well as 100 paintballs each to get you started - but you can buy more if you wish. An Instructor will be with you as well, helping you with any questions you may have as well as organising all the games on the day.

You've probably helped your mates paint their houses, so why not paint them?

What makes Outdoor Paintball the perfect Stag Do activity?

First things first, its called PAINtball for a reason and that reason tends to hurt a tad. Its a great Stag prank though, just imagine; you're all kitted up, ready to split into teams, and then you all gang up on the Stag and spray him into a rainbow of pain? We've done this before...

We have plenty of top class activities to choose from in Nottingham but it can be difficult for larger groups to find something that everyone likes, this is where our Outdoor Paintball comes in. Somewhere there exists a man who doesn't like Paintball, but we haven't met him yet, and until that day we're going to continue to tell you just how great it is for larger groups.

Paintball is fairly cheap and when you compare it to some of the more expensive Stag Do activities its an excellent deal. An entire day with the lads, all the pain and punishment that you put on the Stag and the ability to keep the entire group entertained all day makes Outdoor Paintball one of the best deals on the market.

Some examples of game scenarios you might want to play:

Team Deathmatch - Simple, yet effective. Team Deathmatch is as standard as it comes in Paintball as two teams battle it out to be crowned victorious. Once you're hit, you're out and the team without any remaining players loses. Not too complicated, right?

Capture the Flag - Heading over enemy lines, you and your team will attempt to capture the enemies flag and try to safely take it back to your own base. Eliminations are the same as Team Deathmatch, if you're hit you're out, so take cover, move in formation and protect the flag with your lives! Another variation of this is central Capture the Flag and this is where both teams are after the same flag, rather than each others.

Utter hilarious comments such as my flag is bigger than your flag are to be expected.

Bomb - Or as its sometimes know - Sabotage, is another great game for a Stag Do as you and the lads have to deliver a bomb to the enemy camp in a certain time limit (when the bomb explodes... probably) or eliminate the opposing team by shooting them all.

These are just some of the top, most popular game scenarios but your instructor will have loads of other fantastic options for you to choose from.

Other great activities for a Stag Do:

If you're looking for top class Stag Do activities then Nottingham is the place of your dreams. We have so many excellent activities such as Footdarts, Sumo Wrestling, Triple Target Shooting and our Mud Buggies & Quads package.

Good to Know:

We provide the first 100 Paintballs, but if you want you can buy more on site.

There are a minimum of 6 people required to play this activity.

This goes without saying but we're going to say it anyway - bring old clothes and shoes!

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Nottingham, this Paintball stag weekend activity, changing to Forest Paintball, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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