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Limo & Strip Aiport Transfer for your Poznan Stag Do


  • Limo Aiport Transfer
  • One way transfer to your accommodation
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Maximum of 11 people
  • Local guide to greet you
  • 15-minute striptease 

Limo & Strip Aiport Transfer in Poznan : Information

Looking for a way to make one hell of a first impression during the stag do in Poznan?

This Limo & Strip Aiport Transfer is the way to do it!

Limos have plenty of extra legroom, so why not use it. Well, not you, but the stripper. Because who wants to be wasteful!

This stripper certainly won't let any of that extra room go to waste as she puts on one hell of a show. Consider it a warm welcome to Poznan for your stag do.

There is something about a limo that just screams stag do and riding in one always gets the stag do celebrations in full swing. Especially when it is paired with the stag party essential stripper! 

15 people
2 Nights


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