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Cocktail Making Workshop for my Prague Stag Do


  • 90-minute activity
  • One welcome drink per person
  • Recipe of cocktails
  • Choose 4 cocktails from a list
  • Expert mixologist demonstrates how to make 4 different cocktails
  • In small groups, you each make create a  cocktail


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Cocktail Making Workshop in Prague : Information

 Whether you are a Manhattan, Dry Martini, Negroni, Old-fashioned, Whiskey Sour or White Russian kind of guy, learn how to make and drink your favourite cocktails on your stag do in Prague!

Whatever your poison, cocktail making is the ideal activity before a night out and it's always a crowd-pleaser. Learn to mix, shake, foam, stir, strain, pour and serve your favourite cocktails with this Cocktail Making Workshop!

First up choose 4 cocktails from the list that you want the bartender to demonstrate. After that, split off into small groups of 3 or so and choose one of the 4 cocktails to recreate. You'll each ake and drink your own cocktails. 

Cocktails to choose from include:

Long Island Iced Tea, Long Beach Iced Tea, Electric Blues, Bahama Mama, Riders on the Storms, Alabama Slammer, Hurricane, Lynchburg Lemonade, Raspberry Mint Lemonade, Big Kablue-na, Mojito, Air Mexica Margaritas, Golden Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, B-52 or Cosmopolitan.

15 people
2 Nights


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