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Tank Drive & Car Destruction for my Vilnius Stag Do


  • 15-minute Tank Drive for the stag
  • Tank destroys a car by driving over it
  • A local guide to accompany you
  • Instructor
  • Return transfers

Tank Drive & Car Destruction in Vilnius : Information

Tank Drive & Car Destruction - These are words that should always go next to each other!

During your stag do in Vilnius, you and the lads can take pleasure in destroying a car, with all your strength, without facing any consequences.

This Tank Drive & Car Destruction, which is an s extraordinary activity, involves tank driving for the stag and the fate of a car.

And, as fate would have it, it's not looking good for the car...

Witness a car become a pancake during this Tank Drive & Car Destruction activity during the stag do in Vilnius. truly insane, truly crazy and truly a great stag do activity. 

The stag will be the one that gets to take the controls and do the dirty work. There will be an instructor on hand to teach him how to use this mammoth vehicle before the car-flattening begins. 

15 people
2 Nights


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