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Beer Pong for my Barcelona Stag Do


  • 1 jug of beer every 4 people
  • 1 jagerbomb per person
  • Beerpong table
  • Available from 16h - 22h

Beer Pong in Barcelona : Information

For the competitive stags... Beer Pong is a great way to have a drink with the guys and also have some good competition to get into the spirit of things. Best part about Beer Pong is the more shots someone makes, the more drinks they have to down. So if you're ahead in the points you'll be feeling it tomorrow!

Rather than you heading to the bar for the party, why not have a party take you to the bar? Take a look at our Airport Party Bus Transfer or if you would prefer something different then we would recommend our Limo Airport Transfer to ensure you arrive to a symphony of class.

Beer Pong is generally played in teams of two, teams take turns attempting to land a ball into a cup. If you successfully make the shot, you must drink the contents of the cup. Simple, ay? Speaking of teams of 2, after the Beer Pong you could head out to Dinner for a surprise Lesbian Strip Show to deliver exactly what a stag needs on their big night out.

Head down to a popular, central bar where you'll get a reserved Beer Pong table, a jug of beer for every 4 people and 1 jagerbomb per person all included in this excellent package price! This particular bar also has a top class Happy Hour, there are loads of deals, 2 for 1's and many discounts for you to take advantage of courtesy of Maximise.

After the King of Beer Pong has been crowned we could set you up with our Dinner, Limo, Strip, Club package to celebrate your stag weekend in the right way. You're in no need to rush, as dinner is eaten a lot later in Spain so you have plenty of time to get the beers in before you get the food down!

15 people
2 Nights


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