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City Limo Ride for you Bratislava Stag Do


  • 1-hour City Limo Ride
  • Lincoln Limo
  • Ride through Bratislava
  • Local champagne
  • 9 people maximum 
  • Guide

City Limo Ride in Bratislava : Information

Enjoy a little luxury during the stag do in Bratislava with a City Limo Ride.

The perfect after dinner and pre-club activity, you and the lads can ride around the city in a luxury limo. Blast the music as you enjoy a bottle of local champagne. 

A great way to get the Bratislava Stag Do celebrations in full swing, you'll have an hour to enjoy this City Limo Ride.

For some extra luxury, ask our sales team about adding a stripper for some quintessential stag entertainment. 

15 people
2 Nights


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