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Should I have my Stag Do in the UK or Abroad

Your mate has landed the girl and popped the question, 'will you be my best man'.

Of course, you said YES! There were a few tears then you hugged it out and now it's time for the serious planning to begin. 

When it comes to the honourable best man duties, there is no greater task than organising a legendary stag do. Sure, you might have some wedding duties like looking after the rings, giving a great speech and making sure the groom looks dapper AF. But, let's face it, the highlight of a mate getting married is the stag.

Gone are the days where a stag do merely meant just heading down to the local to have some beers with a handful of friends. Now, your circle of friends and family can expect a wild weekend away filled with activities, strippers, hedonistic nightlife and plenty more.

One of the first thing's you'll need to decide is where you want to go.

'Should I have my stag do in the UK or Abroad?' It's one of the most asked question that goes through every stag's and best man's head.

A weekend bender on home turf or head overseas and wreak havoc?

Bournemouth or Benidorm, Brighton or Budapest, Liverpool or Lisbon, Manchester or Marbella. The list goes on and so does the number of possibilities for your stag do.

With cheap booze, affordable flights and insane nightlife, there has never been a better time to head abroad for the stag do. But, what about long flights, the looming Brexit, language barriers and foreign currencies?

There is a lot to think about, so we've decided to help out a bit...

The UK or Abroad. Where is it better to have a stag do?

The gloves are off. Let the battle begin.

UK Stag Do

Firstly, the stag do is a great British tradition, so we've got the upper hand when it comes to organising a killer stag do.

Whether you're all life-long friends or there are a few new guys in the mix, celebrating on home soil never fails to impress the masses. No long and expensive flights, no need to hassle with funny money or foreign languages, you know what to expect from a UK stag do.

There's also certain comfort that comes with familiarity and we consider ourselves creatures of habit. Unlike an abroad stag do, everything you know and love will be at your fingertips with a stag do in the UK. Whether it's your favourite beer on tap or a kebab at 4.a.m, it's nice to be able to do the things you enjoy. Especially when it comes to the all-important stag weekend.

Sure some destinations might have fine cusine to rave about, but we're not to bad in the kitchen either. From the classic pub grub to world-famous eateries, meals won't be a problem with a stag do in the UK. Better yet, there will be no weird delicacies to worry about.

When it comes to organising activities in the UK, there are thousands to choose from. Maximise has been in business for more than 20-years and in that time we've built up great relationships with all our suppliers who offer a mass of activities.

The classic stag do activities such as karting and paintball are always a solid choice. There are also some of the new favourites like Bubble Football and Escape Rooms. But then, there are a handful of activities that are totally unique to the UK. Nowhere other than in the UK can you find hilarious favourites like It's a Knockout, West Country Games, Geordie Games and Totally Wiped Out. These are some activities that are a must when it comes to a UK stag do.

While hoards of cheap flights have made it easier than ever to take the stag do abroad, some of the best stag do destinations are still found on home soil. Something to consider when heading abroad is the risk of getting stranded with delayed flights. That's certainly not going to be a problem with a UK stag do.

The other thing to remember is that people are fairly used to, and welcoming of, classic stag debauchery in the UK. Abroad destinations tend to complain about our rowdiness. 

Top Stag Do destinations in the UK

While all the destinations we offer a great for a stag do, we've decided on a few favourites to help narrow down your search.

If your idea of fun involves sandy beaches, watersports and long summer days, take the stag celebrations to Brighton, Bournemouth or Newquay.

If you're looking for a stag do destination that boasts top day activities with vibrant nightlife, take a look at Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool. You also can't go wrong with the Welsh wonder Cardiff or home of the Geordies, Newcastle. Both cities have an unrivalled nightlife with hoards of students that can be credited with all the cheap and lively bars and clubs.

A few other top stag do destinations in the UK include Nottingham, London and Edinburgh. 

Stag Do Abroad

Whether you're in it for the cheap booze, extra wild nightlife, extra hedonistic strip clubs or the award-winning beaches, there are certainly some perks that come with having an abroad stag do.

Sure you might need to mess about with arranging flights and transfers, but with all the budget airlines that are around, it's never been easier or cheaper to get a bargain on flights.

If you're looking for a beach getaway and want to enjoy some long sunny days during your stag do, you're definitely going to want to to take the stag do abroad. Not only are you spoilt for choice with the number of destinations, but you're also not dealing with the UK’s unpredictable climate. In Spain, average summer temperatures are around 28° and even the 'cold' days are over 20°C. As for the summer months in Portugal, you and the lads can enjoy refreshing sea breezes with average daytime temperatures of 25°C. Better yet, you've got 11 hours of sunshine to enjoy. Without question, one of the biggest reasons to head abroad for the stag do is for better weather.

Another thing to consider is that heading abroad does not necessarily mean the stag do will be more expensive than it would be in the UK. With the likes of Eurostar and budget airlines, heading to Lisbon can cost the same as a stag weekend in London. You might have the added cost of some cheap flights, but chances are, some travel cost would be involved with a UK stag do too. Whether it's spent on fuel and parking or someone needs to get a train or flight, regardless of where you head to for your stag do, travel costs are a guarantee.

Generally, when you head abroad for your stag do, beer, food, accommodation and the stag do activities will be cheaper than what's on offer in the UK. And, of course, the perk of spending less on the accommodation and activities means you've got more money for drinking.

That extra money could also be spent on strippers. Sure, it's not for everyone, but if strippers are something you want to enjoy—it doesn't get any better than Europe.

From Budapest to Bratislava to The Baltics, Europe certainly has the upper hand when it comes to their adult entertainment.

Having a stag do abroad also gives you access to a wild range of stag do activities. Most of which, you won't find on home soil. The likes of an AK47 Shooting Package is by far the most popular stag do activity and it's something you'll only find abroad. Other extreme stag do activities include Car Smash, Man vs Dog and Tank Driving. It's not just wild stag do activities that are popular for an abroad stag do, there's also the Beer Bike, a Booze Cruise, Sexy Wake Up, Sexy Mud Wrestling and plenty more.

While a stag do is guaranteed to be memorable, there's something about heading abroad that makes a stag do a touch more special and unique. Another weekend in Bristol or a wild weekend in Budapest. One is guaranteed to outdo the other.

Top Stag Do Destinations in Europe

Whether it's partying in a capital city, enjoying a beach weekend, wreaking havoc in the countryside, or a 48-hour sesh on a party island, stag do destinations in Europe cater to everyone.

For the summer getaway, you really can't go past Lisbon, Barcelona, Benidorm, Marbella or Ibiza. These party destinations are home to some of Europe's best clubs and will make for a wild and unforgettable stag do. 

For a stag do destination that's a step away from the usual subjects, consider a stag do in Hvar.

Not only are you guaranteed to have an epic time during, but the city is the party capital of Croatia. From boat parties during the day to beachfront clubs, party islands and all-night clubbing right in the centre of town—a Hvar stag do gives you summer fun with wild nights out. 

If you want a vibrant city with insane clubs and nightlife in a league of its own, you're going to want to look at Budapest, Prague, Bratislava and Krakow. These destinations are stag do classics and favourites when it comes to an abroad stag weekend.

Another two of Maximise's favourite abroad stag do destinations are Riga and Bucharest. With cheap beer, sexy women, great stag do activities and plenty of bars—all at a fraction of the price of other famous European cities—these two destinations are unparalleled to anywhere else in the UK. 

Should I have my Stag Do in the UK or Abroad - The Results

Without a doubt, every man should have a stag do. And, of course, everyone is different, what you want for yours will be different from the next guy.

And, regardless of whether you want to have your stag do in the UK or abroad many factors will influence your decision. Budgets, time-frame, number of people, does everyone know each other, can everyone fly...the list goes on.

There are perks for both having a stag do in the UK and Abroad. If it's a last-minute stag do, planning something in the UK is probably a better option. Not only do you not have to worry about sorting out flights, but you'll probably get a better deal on accommodation and chances are more people will be up for a last-minute weekend to Nottingham than they are on a weekend trip to Amsterdam.

While Maximise can certainly organise a big group to head abroad for their stag do, most people stick to the UK if they have an entourage of more than 25 people. That's not to say we don't send groups of 30 or more abroad, but generally, if you're inviting a bunch of people that don't all know each other, people tend to stick to the UK.

Although, there is something about being abroad that just adds an extra something special to the weekend. A certain amount of excitement comes with being abroad, there's also a little bit more freedom than what you get if you're back home. Sure you might have a problem with the language, but everyone speaks the language of stag do. For most of our abroad stag do destinations, Maximise also sorts you out with an English-speaking guide so you shouldn't have any problems with the language difference. And, let's face it, English is spoken everywhere so it's not that big of a deal to head abroad.

Both the UK and Abroad offer up a plethora of stag do activities. You'll find classic and hilarious numbers throughout the UK, while abroad the activities tend to be on the wilder end of the spectrum.

For us, the nightlife is better abroad. The range and quality of bars and clubs can't be compared to what you can find in the UK. Whether it's the whacky Ruin Bars in Budapest or the mammoth clubs in Spain, the abroad destinations certainly have the upper hand when it comes to nightlife.

We are also a sucker for the sunny climate and the warmer weather that you get abroad. A big appeal for heading on an abroad stag do is getting away from the grey and gloomy weather that we get here in the UK.

Regardless of weather and club, both a stag do in the UK or Abroad will be great if you book with Maximise. In the end, we are too soft to pick favourites, it all depends on what you're after. Regardless of where you head, we do recommend booking with us, take the stress out of it all and hand the hard work over to the experts. 

Not only are we the first and oldest stag do company in the UK, but we are also the cheapest. With more than 20-years in the business, we've got access to the most activities and best partners. Why pay top-price, when you can pay the Maximise price?

As for your abroad stag do, we are number one. Recently purchased by Crazy Voyages, the leading stag do company in Europe, we once again have the best prices, biggest range of activities and best deals. Not only that, but we've got offices in Budapest, Paris and Bratislava. 

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