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Geordie Games for my Newcastle Stag Do


  • All equipment provided
  • Games coordinator
  • 7 different games
  • T-shirt to take away with you
  • Sausage sandwich on arrival
  • Available Saturday only
  • 2 time slots available - 10.30am or 1.30pm 
  • 2 and a half hour activity
  • Minimum of 10 people required for this activity

Geordie Games in Newcastle : Information

Geordie Games Newcastle for your stag weekend with stag Maximise Geordie Games Newcastle for your stag weekend with stag Maximise Geordie Games Newcastle for your stag weekend with stag Maximise

Go native, go Geordie and play the Geordie Games during the Stag Do in Newcastle!

If Ant and Dec presented total Wipeout, you'd probably get something similar to the Geordie Games. With a grand total of 7 different, equally mad, challenges to take on, a Stag Do in Newcastle will be anything but boring!

Some of the hilarious games include The Geordie Ale Run, Kebab Shop Duel, On Ya Bike, Geet Massive Sumo Marras, Geordie Bumpers, Sling Ya Hook and Pi**ed up Pitch and Toss.

We don't want to give too much away but you can expect a series of hilarious games that’ll have the whole group in stitches. From wrestling each other to the ground in ‘Geet Massive Sumo Marras’ to dodging the sweeper in ‘On Ya Bike’, it’s guaranteed to be a Stag Do like nee other!

We provide all the equipment for you lads, a T Shirt too, as well as a coordinator (who is of course as Geordie as the day is long), to make sure everything is going to plan. Included in the package is a traditional Geordie lunch, the famous sausage sandwich.

There are a couple different time slots available for the Geordie Games, but book fast as its only available on a Saturday!

Once you've all completed the courses, a winner be announced before ya'll head off for a well-earned pint in Toon!

What are the Geordie Games exactly?

Sling Ya Hook - Perhaps the only activity that isn't completely bonkers! Sling Ya Hook is a game where you throw hoops over bottles, with the winner being the one who has made the most successful shots.

Pissed up Pitch & Toss - A standard game of pitch & toss, with a twist... An inebriated twist in the form of you wearing drunk goggles! If you've never worn them before you might need to practice, what better way to practice than to get drunk for real? You're in Newcastle after all.

The Geordie Ale Run - A game for the true drinkers, the ones with a beer belly that God himself would be proud of. You will be up against 2 of the other guys, running from one end of the course to the other (with your ale in hand, of course). The catch? A Bungee rope around your waist! May the best drunk win.

Geordie Bumpers - OK, so this activity is just plain weird. You and the lads will bounce your bumpers (kind of like elongated space hoppers), to the finish line before the other team. A top tip would be to hang on tight!

Geet Massive Sumo Marras - Climb into the sumo suits and get wrestling! In this doubles competition or as we like to call it, a tag team match, you and the lads will be paired in two's before the fight begins. The same rules of Sumo apply here, if you fall out the circle, or the the ground, you've lost!

Kebab Shop Duel - The concept is simple, if someone took your kebab what would you do? You'd knock their block off! And that's exactly what you need to do here. You'll wear padded costumes, with large heads, as well as being given a jousting stick to knock the head off the costume. The winner? Well, the guy who still has a head.

On Ya Bike - Similar to the Sweeper on Total Wipeout, you will have to jump over the sweeping arm and try to stay on your feet. The last man standing is the winner.

What to do before or after The Geordie Games in Newcastle:

First things first, The Geordie Games are pretty tiring and any guy will be hungry after, with that in mind head over to a popular bar for our Burger & Baps meal. If you're doing Geordie Games in the morning session then hour about a Boozy Brunch?

A few beers will go down well, so whether it is Beer Tasting or a Bar & Club Combo you're sorted in Newcastle.

Good to Know:

This activity is only available on Saturdays, and only two times slots are available so its best to book well in advance! Sessions last around 2 and a half hours.

A minimum of 10 people are required for this activity.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Newcastle, this Geordie Games activity, changing to the Old School Sports Day, or any of Maximise's Stag Weekend Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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2 Nights


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