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Things to Do in Dublin on a Stag Do | Dublin Stag Do Ideas

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You'll have more than just the ‘luck of the Irish’ on your side if you head to Dublin for a stag do.

And, we're not talking about searching for pots of gold at the end of the rainbow either. When it comes to a Dublin stag do, there is an endless list of things to do and enjoy including top-class food, superb stag party activities, out of this world nightlife and of course the gorgeous Irish girls to keep you entertained all weekend.

Along with the famous Temple Bar, Dublin is home to some of the best bars and clubs in Europe. It's, of course, also home to Guinness so you know you're in for a boozy weekend with a stag do in Dublin.

Now you know what to expect on a Dublin stag do, what about what to do...

Check out our Dublin stag do ideas for pulling off a legendary final hurrah! 

Yes, we know, there's more to Dublin than just Guinness, but we simply can't start this list without mentioning the famous stout.

So, discover all the secrets of the most famous brunette in the world during the Dublin Stag Do with a trip to one of the most famous breweries in the world.

We know you'll be knocking back plenty of Guinness during the Dublin Stag Do, but it doesn't get any better than grabbing a pint at Ireland's famous Guinness Storehouse. Located in the heart of St James’ Gate, the iconic Guinness Storehouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Ireland and no stag weekend would be complete without a trip to it.

You'll get explanations of brewing techniques from a passionate brewer and a pint of Guinness each during the Guinness Brewery Tour on your stag do in Dublin!

And, you don't have to fret about a shortage of beer, Dublin produces a cool 10-million pints of Guinness daily, so we are pretty sure even the biggest boozers will be looked after! 

Drink like the Irish at The Temple Bar

Dublin for stag do, Dublin stag do,  stag do in Dublin, Dublin for a stag do,  Dublin stag do ideas, Dublin stag do activities

No questions about it, Temple Bar is the most famous and recognisable bar in all of Ireland let alone Dublin. And drinking at it is one of those things you just have to do on a Dublin stag do.

Temple Bar is also the name of the entire area that's set alongside the River Liffey and where you'll find the iconic red Temple Bar, cobblestoned streets and dozens of traditional pubs and bars slinging plenty of Guinness.

Temple Bar might be one of the oldest areas in Dublin but it's been serving beers since 1840 and remains to this day the most lively area in Dublin, a tourist hot spot and the mecca of Dublin's nightlife. 

Day or night, you'll find plenty to keep you busy in Temple Bar during the Dublin stag do. 

Visit another historical gem...the Old Jameson Distillery

Dublin for stag do, Dublin stag do,  stag do in Dublin, Dublin for a stag do,  Dublin stag do ideas, Dublin stag do activities

We promise, there is more to Dublin than just booze, but this is a stag do after all, so it should be no surprise that it's in our first thoughts...

We've mentioned the Guinness Storehouse Factory, but Dublin is also home to Jameson Whiskey, which was distilled at the Old Jameson Distillery until the early 1970s. Located just off Smithfield Square, the Jameson Distillery Tour gives you a rundown of the history of the brand and shows you how the whisky is made. If you're into whisky then this can't be missed during the Dublin stag do, just make sure to volunteer so you can participate in the tasting!

As far as Dublin stag do ideas go, this is a solid one! 

Get in some Gaelic Games!

Learn to play the Irish way with a Gaelic Sports Experience during the stag do in Dublin.

Along with all the drinking, this is the kind of Irish traditions and culture we can get behind. Especially if there are some competitive sportsmen in the group.

You'll head to a sports ground in Dublin where you'll learn to play two of Ireland’s most famous sporting games Hurling and Gaelic Football. After an introduction of the two sports and once you've got the rules down, you'll split into teams and test out these Gaelic sports for yourselves.

This is a great stag party activity in Dublin and guaranteed to be a laugh with the lads. 

Dublin Stag Do Activities

There is really something for everyone when it comes to a Dublin Stag Do.

And, with the range of stag party activities on offer in Dublin, you're guaranteed to have a solid weekend of maximum fun and some serious stag madness. Paintball is always a crowd-pleaser, karting always keeps the speed demons happy and while a game of footy is great for some healthy competition, Dublin has more than just the classics on offer.

Get creative with some sexy Irish lasses with Body Painting or Nude Life Drawing, it might not sound like the typical stag party activity, but considering the involve naked girls, they should be!

And why not spice up the regular 5-a-Side match by adding crazy binoculars? Binocular Football, just like the great game, but if you were absolutely hammered. So it's perfect for your stag do in Dublin!

Footgolf is another great concoction that kinda involves football and golf as the name might suggest. Unlike regular golf, you'll be using your feet to do all the work and let the ball in the hole. You tee off by kicking your football as far down the fairway as you can. The aim is simple, get your football in the larger-than-normal hole in the fewest kicks possible, so just hammering the ball won't work every time!

And then, of course, there is getting a stripper for some good old-fashioned stag entertainment. 

Beer Bike Bar Crawl

Some call it the Dublin Pedi Bus, but we call it for what it is, a Beer Bike Bar Crawl. So, if you like bars, beer, blasting tunes and hanging out with your mates, you'll easily enjoy this Beer Bike Bar Crawl during the Dublin stag do.

You and the lads will enjoy the fresh air while watching the world whiz past as you peddle to four top bars and enjoy a well-deserved pit stop in each.

It's a bit of a shock, but drinking on the streets is actually banned in Dublin, which is why this Beer Bike comes without beer onboard. We know, it sounds a little crazy, but don't worry you'll find plenty of Guinness, as well as all your other favourite drinks at the bars you'll visit with this popular Dublin stag, do activity.

Night at the Dogs

Why not try one's luck, or better, test out the luck of the Irish and head to the racetrack for a Night at the Dogs during the Dublin stag do.

Go on, bring out your inner punter and lay a bet or two..or three. Win or lose, you're in for a top-notch evening!

With the thrill of live greyhound racing, entertainment, food and cheap drinks, a night at the dogs is always a solid bet when it comes to a stag do. It's got all the key ingredients to a top night out and everyone loves a flutter on the dogs.

We just simply couldn't have you head to Dublin for a stag do without planning a proper and boozy Irish pub crawl!

We've mentioned the Temple Bar, which is an absolute must and where you'll want to spend most of your night. We recommend starting your night there with a bang-up pub meal or heating things up with a dinner & strip combo. Either way, a big Irish meal to get your stomachs prepared for the mammoth amount of drinking ahead definitely the best way to begin the night.

Then, you should head out on one of our fantastic guided bar crawls, whether you want to join other partygoers or one that's exclusive to your group, you'll sample the best bars in Dublin and get entry to one of the city's best clubs.

Maximise can also arrange strip club entry and drinks packages for when you're in the club.

There is definitely more to a Dublin stag do than want we could fit in this list, but if you want to know more, just give our stag party experts a call on 0208 236 0111. 

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