Bournemouth Stag Do

If you want to sink your teeth into a British seaside town that has a vibrant nightlife and is exploding with top restaurants and bars, then you want to head to Bournemouth for your stag do.

Bournemouth might not be the most popular seaside town for a stag do but with loads of stag do activities, great bars and pubs, and plenty of beautiful women, it certainly is giving its neighbouring rivals a run for their money.

We love a stag do in Bournemouth, and we'd bet good money you will too!

With all the stag party classics like paintball, quad biking, bubble football and dodgeball on offer it might be difficult to pick just one stag do activity, but luckily Bournemouth has you covered with some amazingly priced combo activities on offer too.


Some ideas for your Stag Do in Bournemouth

Maybe it's something to do with the sea air, but it's difficult not to have a great stag do in Bournemouth. The students, locals and tourists alike are all there to have a great time, and the mood is pretty infectious.

BUT, to get the most out of your Stag Do in Bournemouth, Maximise recommends you start your stag do off with a boozy brunch before taking on the Zombie Apocolypse Challenge and then finishing the afternoon with some craft beer tasting, three-course party meal and a trip to the lap club.

For the second leg of the stag do in Bournemouth, enjoy a sexy lady while you feast with our Burger and Baps activity before taking on bubble football and combat archery or off-road buggies and clay pigeon shooting.

For your nightly entertainment enjoy jelly wrestling, a bar crawl with beer maids, a party bus with a meal or a sunset party cruise.

Our top activities for your stag do in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is blessed with all the makings of a great stag do; beaches, bars, girls, nightlife and an endless list of great stag do activities.

With all the usual suspects like paintball, karting, quad bikes and clay pigeon shooting as well as some rather unique newcomers like footgolf, bubble football, it's a knockout and human table football it might be difficult to pick just one activity on your stag do in Bournemouth.

Fortunately, there is plenty of combo activity options available for your stag do in Bournemouth.

More top Stag Do destinations

No other country in the world does the stag do like we do; we did invent it after all. So, if Bournemouth won't cut it for your stag do check out Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Leeds and Edinburgh to name a few.

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